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    I've been "ill" for quite some time. I've also remained "single" for quite some time, too. How can I possibly tell someone, a prospective partner that I am "mental". Nobody would go for that. However I did marry a person when I got locked up with him. That marriage fizzled out since we never got together on "the outs." Now after almost nine years I am finally legally divorcing him. There is a God! I simply wants more friends. Is this possible? Comments, please.

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  • View author's info Posted on Aug 22, 2006 at 12:56 PM

    sometimes people give up. If you give up it is over. As long a your heart beats you can love. There is someone for everyone. Mentality only is a deficit if it impedes ones impact on their surroundings. If one is a useful and integral member of society, there are niches that reward people monetarily for their utilitarianism. Money can't buy you true love, but it can come quite close. If the verb in the word to love is care, to care, and if they care about you and show it with touch, thoughtfulness, and painstaking effort, does it ever really make it difference when things go wrong in the end and they say they never loved you?

    No one loves anyone for their partner, for if they did, that would be stupid. Their locus of control would be off, and they would lose themself, their self preservation skills would suffer, seeing as how placing an importance on someone else's happiness overrides your own. There fore only a crazy person would love you for you, and since crazy oft scares people even though it be becoming a partner to offer their life and limb for the other, their priorities aren't straight..

    So therefore no love is real, because you have to love yourself to love and loving someone else real loses this self love, in the end we are all users in the love game. That is why welth that atracts women is cool and right on andtime tested method for matrimony. You don't have to believe in Love but you must believe in life and love yourself to master your life to attract the one that comes.
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 16, 2006 at 08:32 AM

    I'm from Onawa Iowa south of you a couple hours... I've been married , beaten, used for sex.. abused mentally.. and single for 16 years.. still always looking for MrRight.. not finding a one!
    I think there is more wrong with me then a chemical imbalance..lolol
    I have low lying depression from my childhood days.. Most days I prefer to give up.. my kids are adults and left me long ago to live a happier life..
    Oh they still come around but theres not much closeness there... I was a wicked sick mom but didn't know till they were raised... damn.
    anyway, I'm here as a friend .. I could use an ear to figure things out.. and get through ONE day without a tear maybe..lol

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