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    To Mr.Corvette! I'm not sure what most women find attractive in a man, so I will only speak for myself. What I look for in an ideal mate, has nothing to do with the size of a man's bank account, the type of car he drives, or the square footage of his many homes. For me, its the cerebral connection. I need someone that I can talk to about anything;(a good communicator), a man who is open and honest with his feelings, kind, thoughtful, affectionate, as yes, funny, and with a sense of humor! Being attracted to a man for what he has does not in my opinion, make for a lasting relationship. Yet, much of what I've experienced on other dating sites, and this one included, its about the trappings! Take-away all the trappings, see what you're left with-then decide what's more important in a relationship! I know if I were in the market for a Corvette, I would not be seeking to find one on a dating site! So Mr. C, if you're not getting the resposes you expect from the ladies, perhaps a self- introspection is in order! Just a thought; the women are out there waiting to make a connection with the man of their dreams!!! Maybe for someone, it's you!!!
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    I think your problem might be your vulgar, abusive messages you send women. Think about it...Make yourself adorable and you just might get lucky.
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    Quoting lkng4luv2010:

    Certified millionaire, x model, outgoing, funny, Mensa member but why not contacted more.....

    good luck dude
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    whats the issue , this site is full of knock out great women, why not try sending a few of them a sweet email and see if they contact you back. You cant expect these woman to be falling all over because you look cool next to your Corvette ( kinda tacky ) if you want my 2 cents. Just email some women you find exciting in their profiles and cute in their looks. You are probably a decent guy, I am sure plenty will email you in reply.



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    You can sreach them by self, not just asking.
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    I like the classic '67 fastback Corvette! (my financee at the time had a beaut) However, I do like convertibles and you, looking cute and alluring are a good match for the car - at least! I would like to see what you look like behind the wheel. Contact me!
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    They are out ther it just that most time "some" men look for superficial attributes in women and not try to get to know them better before they make their decision.....intelligence and character should be a key attribute to look for.
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    i think most women who do search and have sent a quick message when there is a man's profile that they find interesting have paid attention to what he is looking for. if i don't fit into what you want, then why would i waste our time?

    i'm not convinced all men are as limited as they claim in their wants. i have men who say they want only tall women...they contact me; they say in SF area only...they contact me; they say they want children...they contact me. it's nice they are interested but i wonder if they know what they want? or do they just need to adjust the profile?

    i would see your 500miles and over 5'5" and move on. re-evaluate your requirements and see what happens.

    best of luck!

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    Perhaps I am mistakenbut it almost sounds like your disappointed that there aren't more gold diggers out there. lol
    Maybe your profile sounds a little too snooty. Just a thought no disrespect intended.
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    I do think that the women are right there in front of you!  Men contact women much more than women contact men-so why you being so shy!!!  Confidence is so important on a site like this-shoot for the moon and who knows what you will find-probably more than you ever imagined!  Good luck! 

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