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    I CONCUR!! What is right for one individual may not be right for the other... The optimum solution.. FINDING SOMEONE WHO FITS YOUR VIEWS AND YOUR NEEDS...

    My ex husband and I had sex on our first date.. in fact.. wasn't even a real date.. He picked me up in a bar.. We had 11 years of monogomy, 3 of the most beautiful children, some awesome memories and a lot of heartache in the end... HMMMmmm.. SOUNDS LIKE A REAL RELATIONSHIP TO ME!!

    We joke to this day that we were a one night stand that lasted 11 years!! Neither of us regrets it... Is it better to wait and know one another? Possibly.. but the chemistry was magnatizing .. Our problem in the end? Both our worlds grew apart... It was unfortunate.. but it happens... whether people wait or don't... It's all about meshing...and STAYING meshed..

    When I take "marital advice" from others now.. I make sure they have been successful at a marriage longer than 11 years.. cuz there are too many marriages out there where people waited and 5 years down the road.. they are divorced.. I did better doing it my own way honestly...

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    Good things come to those who wait....
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    I've never had sex on the first date but then again I have never been offered.  I'm the type that seeks a relationship over a one night stand.  I've been told I need to get slutty once.  I'm not sure it's in my DNA. 

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    Lets be honest. In this medium we've probably hit sex once or twice during the emails, IMs and phone calls. So the first day is really the third or forth date!
    But I agree with the majority. Talking about sex online or on the phone is different than face to face. Give it time. It'll raise it's lovely head when the time is right!
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    I say do what ever the right thing is at the the right time, in the right moment for you!

    If you know who you are as a person, it doesn't matter what anyone thinks...the key is finding someone who thinks the same

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    I say people who talk sex on the first date are in a category all by themselves. They have so reason to complain if things go south for either. They should expect the quality of people they attractive relative to who they are themselves. They should not be surprised if others have an opinion and judge them either. They find happiness the way a bee finds pollen. Never staying in one place or with one person very long. The big red flag for those who seek longterm relationships.
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    And you shouldn't because you have to take your time.  We are rational animals, right?  I think a woman have to behave like a lady.  If a woman talks about sex on the first date, she is putting herself vulnerable to misunderstandings and she would be thinking like a man.

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    I'm not interested in talking about sex on the first date. I think it's a for sure sign of a shallow individual.


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    what r u gonna do next then if u can tell that the chemistry is there and she's the right one, right after the first 5 minutes. I'm impressed about this capability of you, I may need at least 30 minutes to figure it out :-)

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    I wont have sex on the first date either. I prefer to get to know someone really well and see if we have a future together.
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