would you re-locate for love? Romance

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    Never decide where you need to live based upon your kids. Kids move, get transfered, want to see the world themselves, marry and go where the jobs are, or the fun is.
    They can always come and visit, whereever you are. If you follow them around, you might be buying and selling a lot, and which kid do you follow to the ends of the earth anyway. Mine live 2000 miles apart and I wouldn't like living either place.
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    Wow... sometimes I can be so naive... lol... I never would have thought that someone wanting to relocate could mean that they wanted to run away from something... wow... Must be because I'm not one to run away...
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    "someone who is willing to relocate is suspect....'

    Perhaps there is a grain of truth in that, but then again there may be an adventurous side to a person that says, "the world is my oyster and there is nowhere I wouldn't go!"
    Despite the feelings of trepidation re: a new locale with new faces, new rules, etc... I appreciate the variety of places and cultures that exist.
    Had I not been willing to travel the road less traveled, willing to take a risk, a lot of my personal and spiritual growth would have never transpired.
    Some folks may be willing to relocate in an effort to run from something, but don't discount the fact that there are those who are willing to take a chance to gain something, either.
    On a final note, if I thought there was a chance, just a small chance, that I might one day reestablish a relationship like the one I lost, I would walk thru hell and back, leaving everything I had behind, for just the chance, to try to make that magic happen again.
    Granted, my kids are grown and on their own.
    If they were younger, I would undoubtedly harbor different sentiments in this regard.
    Maybe the best comment I could make to someone who was suspicous of another's motives would be the same advise I raised my kids with.
    "Trust your instincts, they may not always be right, but they are rarely wrong."

    However, it would be wrong to just automatically assume the worst.
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    "it's the land of couples and endless suburbia."

    True, nomistake, I know what you mean. It's not easy when you have to stay put for the kids.

    BTW - Welcome!!
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    Thank you Bob...your comments give me great hope.....I was reading another link where the guy was stating that anybody who would pick up and go whereever was suspect...I was pretty isolated after my divorce and I made several moves quickly (within 2 years) to help me financially and for improving the quality of life for my son, neighborhood wise....however...this last move was great for investments, good for my son, but terrible for me and my social life...its the land of couples and endless suburbia...and I would move again in a minute.....for the best of all reasons
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    More on this subject...I suppose the real question is...how many people actually start.... and can sustain ....a long distance relationship to GET to the point where one would make a long distance leap...?

    Computers have not really changed much for us out here in cyber-space ,has it?

    So cruel....

    We can look far and wide and be tantalized with all the wonderful possibilities and then ..we are still religated to that boy or girl next door...or within the convenient 50 mile radius....sigh

    I am new in this town and it has not been hard to make a friend or two...but I am not finding this town a good fit for me......can anyone relate?
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    What a great question! ..and I'm so glad to see that I am not the only one who would re-locate for love.....actually, .I actually am hoping for it...a change of scenery would be wonderful....I've got a serious case of wunderlust.......besides, I've lived in places I preferred over this part of Florida ....enough to know that I haven't found my happy home yet......
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    Mel.... HAHAHA... that's all I'm going to say...
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    Scripps - that was a LMAO post!
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    (copying and pasting from an overlaping thread... )

    Well I'm still in a debate with me, myself, I and MOI, about LDR's. True my daughters are ready to leave soon too. True, I can do my job anywhere. I think "MOI" is going to win the debate as far as relocating, but I think I would stick to the East Coast.

    BUT I'm getting there in the reasoning part... aren't I???? Aren't you guys proud of me???
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    Bob, you are a true and portly poet!
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    whats bad...is now my older kids think i am gonna sit at home to babysit my grans....WRONG...i am gonna get lost, travel, go wild or something different..but it's my life now! lol
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    Tomi, that's the perfect way to think of it ... an adventure. I have to move soon and I was sitting in my house the other day looking at all my art strewn around and my sculptures and notebooks and junk, and I got a little melancholy. I was thinking how much of an upheaval moving is. And then I thought to myself, "Self? Don't be such a wimp! You're the adventurer girl! You'll try anything! You adapt to ANY circumstance! Why am I talking like I'm two different people?"

    So I threw away my security blanket and decided ...., "I'm off!" (of which there is little doubt at times) ... and I started packing. I'm thinking of moving permanently to Toronto, tho I'm open to suggestions if any MM males have them!
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    sharp1 i think i actually started feeling it with him when he turned 16, it just got worse.he has always been the most independant kid of my 4 yet..they all are ,but he is more so that way.he wouldnt let me take him to school or anything...some of that macho stuff...so then is when i really started feeling lonely & has got worse...i still see him as that pretty baby i loved to rock...oh geez...there's a tear in my coffee.
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    well...my youngest son is leaving the nest in the next few months & i am already having the empty nest blues. so time to venture out or find the right man & be happy..afterall, my kids all have their own lives now...
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    I thought Naples, Florida WAS in the US? lol
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    that is y i will only be able to relocate next year...because my son will leave for university and God only knows where he wants to go... I'll be freeeeeeeeeeee
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    lion, you see... you have family too here, isn't that way you moved back there??

    true it's easier when you don't have any children either... I wouldn't have such a hard time if it wasn't for my daughters...
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    u mean u r without work????...LOL... I believe the main obstacle for a relocation is business... is not always easy to change job.
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    Well, I have to admit I'm having a debate with me, myself and I on that one. My Mom passed away 2 yrs ago and it just so happened I had just came back from 2 yrs in the U.S. a few months before she passed away, and so I was very happy to have been there during the last months of her life. It made everyone in my family realize how family is important, to the point that my sister and b/f just moved from Vancouver, BC, to London, ON, to be closer to family, and in a few years they'll go back and retire in BC.

    True, my daughters are grown up (youngest, 20) and when they have boyfriends, I practically NEVER see them... lol... such is life... so why not relocate then???

    And like Katie, I can do my work anywhere, I only need my laptop AND an internet connection... lol... so it would be easy for me.

    One thing's for sure, I wouldn't go abroad. The rest of Canada and the U.S. would be it for me.

    And so I ponder and ponder and ponder... :(
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