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    Thanks, pianist and CallmeOrlando,
    for the good advices. Learned to know a Ghana scammer here in MM. He wasted my time and broked my heart, this rat! Unfortunatelly I didn't know how to find out where his emails are coming from. But now I know it and I watch out. Yes, CallmeOrlando, the mails have been too sweet, it was too much. Everything was too much. They are sitting here in MillionaireMatch like spiders in the net. Beware all. They are icecold, ruthless, they do everything to get your money. They would sell their own mother for money. This people are dirty. They are on the lowest level of our society! Trash, dirt, rats! Was reading about so many terrible stories what they did. I had tears in my eyes. They ruin people and don't feel anything.
    Be careful, try to get out where the mail is coming from and don't pay money! Don't pay and break up the contact immediatelly if there are coming up problems and the questions for money! It's a scam!
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    This is scary stuff. People just have to be careful. Not everyone has good intentions.
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    Scammers are easy to spot.  Usually 1 or 2 photos max, poor grammar and punctuation, lack spacing between the punctuation, give you their email quickly, speak of love too early, young female photos 27-33 (in the case of guys), rarely respond to your questions (because they use canned cut-n-paste responses), happen to be "traveling" out of country, and generally appeal to one's emotions.  I get several almost everyday, day-after-day.

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    Thank you for the information. It is nice to see, people who share their experience and knowledge with others. I have read similar advice from others on this site for which I am very appreciative and grateful.

    BTW the artwork is beautiful. All the best to you.
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    Yikes!  I just joined and many of the emails I have received sound like they are from a telemarketing firm overseas, The spelling and grammar are horrible. The style of writing is weird and they always reference God and say I am the one for them on the very first email.  Any advice to determine which are for real, so I am not wasting my time?  Are the certified ones a better choice to reply to?  Thanks.

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    be careful. it makes harder for sincere girl to communicate...
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    There is also a blog here on this site titled, SCAMMERS/TROLLS/PERVS & GOLD DIGGERS, which has photos, usernames and names the scammers use.

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