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    It's not easy trying to find "the one"... I'm concerned for my child's happiness which gives me even more stipulations in the "what I want" catagory then the usual....I know its perhaps unrealistic but I have to search for both my son's happiness as well as my own...So I get all caught up in thoughts such as,"..if he's not a father himself, let him at least be a guy that genuinly likes kids....but not TOO much (scary mom thought)...let him have kids of his own....but not be a dictator with them (or mine)...and let his kids and mine like each other too....I know all this is putting the horse before the cart...but it's seriously hard just to find someone I am attracted to who is also attracted to me as well...without having all of the other related issues....I really feel that I am up against impossible odds.....I wish I could be proved wrong....
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    mesquiteguy74 write:
    Hello. I Have a son whos just turend 7 and plays flag football and i love being a dad just wish i could fine a Older sexy women to be with .....

    Before you think of writing or winking at this guy, check his posts in other forums. He's quick to anger and looking for a woman to take care of him. Run, nomistake, run!
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    There will always be problem finding a mate that you like and your kids will like. Kids can pressure the mother if they feel insecure causing additional conflict if you find someone..

    Don't look for a family man in prison, find out where good men go and go to the same places. You do not find many cowboys in a lecture on space travel.
    Do things your children are interested in and find a man who is also interested in those things or get your kids interested in new things where you know there are single men.................
    People who go to clubs,parties,dances, drink,do drugs go to have fun, not get a family. People who go to business groups are more focused on the furture... Your chances maybe better having friends who do not party, network for you with men who do not go out often or party, Good family men and women seldom go to bars,clubs,and never do drugs. You may find someone at these places or on the internet but your chances are slim.
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    I have always found that men who have kids (or raised) them are - in general, guys! - much better men in total than men who have had little to no involvement with kids.

    A parent has to consider the total effect of bringing in a new person into the mix. If you have a son (as I do), it can be difficult letting your son have too much say into who you choose as a partner, as they may be very protective and honestly, selfish. They want their needs met first. Chances are, if they're a good person in heart and character, when you choose to introduce them to your children life, things work out as intended. Being a single mom, you probably already know - everything is a balancing act. This area is just another one.....
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    In your thinking, please try to replace the words "impossible odds" with something a little more hopeful. The basic psychological message is that if you think the hurdle is too high, you'll never jump over it.

    Yes....this is me in a I always talk in these absolute terms..both positive and negative.....but, if you knew me better, you would understand that matter my statement...I am still all about never giving up...else why would I be here..? :)

    I like the drama that words can be used "impossible odds" fits the bill..:)...and at times...I suppose I do lose hope...only to climb back on the saddle to "hope" for another day......

    Thank you for affirming the fact that I am not alone in this thinking....I don't know alot of single mom's, and those I see seem to date regularly....I rarely meet anyone I want to work keeps me fairly isolated and I live in a suburb of married...

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