Innocent lives tarnished by an internet stalker Romance

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    Many of you have seen on several of the threads here fake profiles. Those being made of several members here including myself. Personally I find this behavior childish, but things said under the names of others have been nasty and hurtful. For these people who are indeed innocent, many of you will be angry, and should look twice at the profiles before thinking that any of these people would ever say such a thing to any of you. MM has allowed people to do this to members for almost the whole 3 years i have been a member and they themselves say they cannot stop it. I have to wonder why they cannot. But please read carefully before you accuse an innocent person of something they did not say. so far the victims of this have been Lastonnstock, HeartOfFire, Robec8, Babeat46, Petiteone39, Sacks5th and myself. I am sure there are many others, that just haven't posted as of yet.
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    Mysty, this topic sounds like a newspaper headline. You are so sincere but funny at the same time. One thing positive came of the internet stalker...I found out who my true friends were. Some weren't willing to jeapordize themselves..some were because they believed in the people they were defending. That to me is precious. So are you Mysty!! You have a huge heart and I have seen that time and time again.
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