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Posted on Fri, Feb 07, 2014 21:00

 Well let me give you a reality check. No matter
how good looking you are, no matter how chiseled
your face is, no matter how flat your stomach
is...It makes absolutely no difference.

Do you know why?

Well, have you heard of the concept called visual

In short - It simply means that when you are
over-exposed to a certain visual, which at first
seemed very impressive and even attractive.

Will appear average, or even below average after a

This is why looks alone can't help you keep a guy.
It can help you lure him at first, but how will you
retain his interest?

A recent client of mine is a fitness instructor
and looks so good that men literally turn heads
when she passes by.

But do you know the problem she was facing?

she told me that  man has stopped initiating
physical contact with her, won't kiss her and she
feels like a roommate rather than a girlfriend.

Same ges for the guys.

Weird right? Well, this proves that looks can't
really do much for you.

So if looks don't work. What does?

Well, in order to make and keep him/her attracted, you
need to make him feel emotionally in-tune with


Example.. man and woman went shopping for rings.

The man weighed over 320 lbs and she is a live model for Vogue.

He treated her like a queen and she saw the man for who he was. The weight was surface, the personality is what got her. He had teeth missing, etc. He had asked her to marry him, she said "yes".


Another example

Man and woman in restraunt. He was wealthy and very attractive, She was overweight and plan. He asked her to marry him. A model walked up to him and was infuriated that he asked her to be his life partner. She insulted the woman in front of him, publicly humiliated her in LA's Top eatery. And informed the man he had no right to marry such a woman.  The man turned around and looked at the woman. He knew her. He said , You just wanted me for my money and my celebratism, you sleep around and gossip about everything, so you prove to others that what you have is more, when in reality it is nothing. You slept with me first time. you are all show> My lady whom i am marring, has more to offer than you, My Lady supports me in everything, where you used me in everything.


The patrons all clapped and shouted the model out of the place, she was banned from American's Top Restraunt.


Thing is the model, now is hooked on drugs and lives off China Town in LA.


The guy, is still married to the LAdy and is extreemly happy and they both enjoy life.


Looks are only skin deep when you see that, when you look past the first immressions you find a gem which is worth more and is a cherrished.