HORROR DATES Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    the worse one i had was with a executive here in naples, i loved the guy, cute, well known, rich...but drank way to much sometimes. so we go out dancing and he is pretty loaded and he falls, backwards, on the dance floor, and i helped him up and he says, the floor is wet, ok, i am thinking and i said i have to go to the bathroom so he is standing next to this fake banana tree, i said wait here, i will be right back, next thing i see is the banana tree hitting the floor and him with it, i kept walking to the bathroom laughing until i cried, when i got out of the bathroom the mang. comes up and says, kat, you know we love you and br*d, but he is way to drunk, you have to leave, so i said darling we have to leave now, im ready to go, he said, but darling i want to dance more, and he was doing one of those siding down the wall moves, trying not to laugh, i grabbed him and got the heck out of there, and it is still brought up by the staff. It wasn't as bad as some i have read, but for here it was a scream,and for it to happen to the guy i was with...lol
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    I can't remember if I told this story on here before or not...But here it goes:
    I had been talking to this VERY HOT guy Id met out w/my friend Manual...he too was friends w/this guy Peter...So one night we all decide to go clubbing in Visalia right? Well to my surprise...Peter is getting drunk already off 3 beers. I thought wow I can drink this man under the table or what! Any fast forward to the part where we all go to Peters house...Manual left me there ;) Anyhow Peter and I in his room kissing making out whatever you want to call it! Clothes still fully on! lol I feel this dead weight on me...DAMN he done did passed out on top of me! LOL Im trying to squire out from underneath him...alllllllllllll the sudden I feel this warmth all over me...THE BASTARD PI*SSED ON ME! God I was pi*ssed and yelling at him! You f ing pis*sed on me! He came to, Im yelling at him for something DRY to wear! Called my girlfriend to come get me! Needless to say I never returned any of his calls.
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    One day at Disney World the women above with her boyfriend( me) decided to go out to dinner and pleasure Island in disney world. She started to drink, and after a few too many of these drinks (if you know the she it is not easy to get this person to stop once she starts drinking) Anyhow, At Pleasure Island she befriended a 300 lb biker women and her friends who looked like the actors in the chainsaw massacre ( i mean the killers ) with big motor bike tattoos.her boyfriend waited around on the side for her to finish her escapades with these strange people that she was bumming cigarettes off and hanging with. I could not pull her away from the large biker people,and the drinks and the cigarettes,so he walked away. When he came back 5 mins later I saw here she was kissing a different man on the sidewalk outside one of the bars, assumeing to grab more cigarettes or make me jealous....
    Well after that, I went back to the room in the hotel where we were staying.
    Our above nut case stayed behind.

    Later that night, much later , she was brought back by 3 men employees from the pleasure island bar. The men said she was making a big scene in the bar, and then accused me of leaving her alone and causing the problems in pleasure island . I tried to explain what really happened , but as he did, our drunk decided to take off her clothes and dance naked for them in the BEACH CLUB AT DISNEY WORLD in a $500 night hotel. At that point the 3 men from pleasure island realized what had really happened and consulted the poor me.
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