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    We are all here for one reason or another, but most are here to find their hopefully last love. If that love is 2000 miles away, that's just a 5.5 hour flight. I've had guys from Chicago write and say I was too far away. I live 200 miles south of Chicago. Go figure. To me, that's right around the corner!!!
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    Micoma granted long distance is hard.But first step there is to find out how each is fixed for moving. If both are adamant, for very good reasons, than the best thing is to stay friends and write occasionally. if you ever end up in each others back yard then go out on the town or whatever. Meeting someone you know will never move to you or you to them for those various reasons is a waste of time and could be emotions. If either one finds at some point and time you can move then depends on how much you really are attracted whether you want to "weather the storm"
    When i first heard of the internet dating i was in arizona. Met a lady(beautiful) sitting next to me at the salon. We started talking and she told me she had met her husband on there. She,from AZ , he from NY. Dated for a yr. I presume airfare back and forth frequently. After that yr. they got married and he move himself and his business to AZ. When she showed me a picture i was floored. He was gorgeous.Made a great looking couple. So if you find you are very attracted to someone and there is the possiblity of living in the same place then it can work. Otherwise both of you are wasting your time and emotions. I have met 5 couples who met that way and are married.
    So Micoma is can work if both really want it too....:)
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    I had someone put it to me this way: Did your last "local" relationship work out?
    Of course not - which is why we are all here.
    So...why not try something different? What do you possibly have to lose?
    And Laina is absolutely correct - if you click with someone you'll find a way to make it work no matter how far apart you live.
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    Well, If i were "dating" someone locally, i wouldn't be on this website...an occasional lunch or dinner isn't considered "dating", in my opinion.....Im thinking if ya find someone long distance...you meet...fall inlove....if she rocks your world..you'll move Heaven and Earth to be with her....its just as simple as that....

    Kisses & Stuff~
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