It's a crime to want a rich man? Long Distance Relationship

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    Hi to all ,

    I read all the comments and according to my experiences , rich or not , the man must have some moral values ....that he can not buy with all the millions he has !!!
    I had 2 relations with millionars and my idea about them so far is not good at all . Millionars please , don't take it personal !
    I just came here hoping that mine were just bad experience and exist reach people that have real values .

    Sandiegom2000 , dear , there are many ways to find out if a women wants you just for your money !
    Good luck to all !
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    I believe women are attracted to successful men - men who are successful in business make money, they are the hunter, provider etc which brings us back to our genes and the caveman era when women wanted a strong man to provide and protect her. Difference now is we are all educated, or brainwashed!

    I personally love men who make money as I love to be with a strong successful man and like to be loyal to him. I am a fairly strong character and need a man stronger than myself.

    So guys come and get me - but please don't pull my hair as you drag me into your cave!

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    Its what us women have been programmed to do. Men are programmed to spread their seeds and women are programmed to find the man that will be a good resource to provide what they need to raise the children.

    Also Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty dont help. They got to marry the richest most powerful man in all the land, so why oh why cant I?
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    I dug through my old law books and while it doesn't say much about the person in question, it is certainly nothing you can get charged for.
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