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    millionaire match?: If it means matching two millionaires I can understand, but if it means announcing to all that here I am , I have money, come and meet me ..hmmm...I am not sure!!

    Why would a woman come and join millionairematch vs other sites? To meet Rich men? What is wrong with a Good hearted, honest and loving man who is not so rich?

    Nothing wrong with a woman seeking a rich man but I then prefer her to be honest about it and say I want you for you money, instead of many who want to sell their love or look for money...

    and why would a man want to attract women with his money? either he has nothing else to offer or is using it as a bait ?

    Again I am not talking about exception on both sides, so please whoever you might be, do not take this personally and at best consider this either as a question or a beware sign!

    or prove me wrong, so I join! and no it is NOT about the membership fee. My lunch cost more than that.
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  • View author's info Posted on Apr 05, 2006 at 04:26 PM

    I joined this site because the forums are fun, a great place to entertain myself, the site is well organized, the people are okay vs other sites. There is nothing wrong with men that are not rich.I like successful men so I can learn a thing or two and enjoy the finer things in life.. I do not consider myself a goldigga I'm just honest, for me I tend to find more class on a rich guy, so that's just a tiny portion of the reason as to why I joined actually, I'm not even a gold member..

    Truly, I might find a match at MM so dont be surprised when you see my pic under successful stories!!
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