Just want to have FUN! Romance

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    When I first started dating after my divorce, I was only seeking to have fun.  As time goes by dating gets old (and expensive) and you just want to settle down.  At least that is my viewpoint.  Good luck to you.
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    Yes that's exactly why I came here for. I'm new too, and just learning the site.
    I feel life is Que Serra Serra, always been that way, and always very happy and proud of my achievements. But I don't feel this site will serve my needs. I traveled so much in my life, I want to stay put.
    Since it's almost New Years, I'm going to a Street Dance, have some munchies. $100 bucks for a street dance - they got to be out of their minds - but life is too short to worry,

    so I wish you a Happy New Year and have phun and that fling which shouldn't be a problem whatsoever, you are very beautiful.
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    You are young and beautiful and want to enjoy life,, thats the way it should be. So live it up !!
    enjoy the ride.
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