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    I understand the concern about "untruths" and these items should be removed but what about the comments that may not be appreciated by the individual but are true? Where does one post to notify the unwitting what they are getting in to?
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    I have only left feedback for 1 person and it was very positive. I didnt chose to be known as "friend" but for some reason, that is how my comment was listed. I am not sure why I was listed that way, but I was regardless. How do you avoid this and make sure your true identity is known?
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    You can report to MM and kindly ask them to remove so call ' friend' comments. You can't please every one on MM so don't sweat small stuff. Good luck
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    Hey Lion...anyone on this forum long enough has got a taste of your personality. I'm sure all perceive you to be a great guy...I do. Thanks for the kind msg you left on my profile, after I accidently sent you an email meant for someone else. BTW I figured out today how that happened. When you are on a forum, and you click the "email me" it takes you to an email box, but doesn't show you a profile name or picture. So now I make sure I only go to the persons profile to email them.
    Contact MM and ask them to remove the negative posts...also ask who the individual is so the can be blocked from your profile...therefore, they can't email you or leave nasty messages on your profile. If they won't tell you who the individual is, they should be able to block that person for you. Good luck!
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    Lion i wrote on this at one time but maybe before U came. The real "Friends" was a woman in New Zealand/australia and she would write those comments the same way then. Itis now where we can not look up her profile since it has also been deleted. The only suggestion is to write to MM and complain and see if they can remove "her" permanently. I am not sure how she ended up with an ID you can't access but she did. That is the only way I know to see if the problem can be solved as she continues to do postings...........S4U
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