they all want to talk to me now???? Romance Forward to friends

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    ALBERTO!!! You sometimes get emails saying they don't like you???? OMG!!! Is it because you're not tanned in December??? ;) hehehehe... couldn't help myself... BOY! Did THAT lady ever miss out I'm sure... lol

    Lioncourt... what can I say... it is zzze frrrrrench apeel!! Look at all those compliments you're getting here!! And I LIVE right in Montreal!! I guess I'm just going to go down to Old Port one of these days and scout you out, and then give my report to all the nice ladies here... ;)
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    Louis don't just chuck them because they are long distance. You might have your Lolita right there. And she might just want to relocate. Or you might even want to. Long distance can work if both parties abide by the rules. You can't be interested in one and continue to write to others. So don't give up you might have the Star Gem in one of those post. But have fun if nothing else as meeting and making friends are also important.....xo
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    Buffalo, I agree, Lion I think its the Posts, what you write, and you seem to be very sincere. It made me go and check out your profile too, besides I was curious about that rock you are laying on too, and wondered if that pic was taken before or after LOL,
    Girls I couldnt resist!
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    Just as Katie says, it's because you're a cutie and your posts on the forum bring out your true character of being a down to earth nice guy, very funny, sometimes I laugh so hard, I hiccup .... laughing. You are a true gem!!

    Bonne journee!!!!!

    Monique xoxoxox
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    Distance does frighten some people. You take 2 risks when you are meeting someone from a distance.....#1 If you don't have a good time, you feel like you've just wasted time, gas, money etc. and #2 If you have a really good time, then what? You don't live close enough to get together again soon or often (that whole long distance realtionship thing) I know I know, it's a greater risk not to risk. I am just explaining the thought process I've experienced.

    But Louis, If you are getting more positive responses, could it be because of your posts that we are all finding out what a great guy you really are? You are letting us see more than your incredible eyes and handsome smile. You are funny, kind, genuine and sincere. I would travel to meet you any day.
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 23, 2005 at 11:58 AM's my thoughts...everyone has a written profile, and they describe themselves in a certain way...usually a positive way. But when they post on the forum...more of their personality comes out. People get a much better feel for the kind of person you are...not just what you write in your profile.
    Some fellow in another forum...posted he was "easy going", but his posts are so crass and derogatory to others...he personally attacks people...a bad reflection; no women in their right mind would email him to get to know. You on the other hand post positively, and sound like a great guy to know. Alot of ladies who may not post on this forum, still must be developing a followship (new word! lol) to your credit of being a great guy!
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    I suppose your position
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    It's simple Louis! It's cuz yur a cutie!
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