How to start? Searching by location? Newcomer Introduction

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    Hi All sounds like I am not the only one that is new. I haven't even figured out how to search on "location" so in my opinion you are doing pretty good! I am not sure this is for me but I guess it will be fun to "play" with it a little and see what happends...that is when I am not playing with all my other toys! (twitter. blip DJ program etc. BLA BLA BLA

    Question: What do you ladies think about communicating with someone that does not even post their pic? I think it is a little strange I mean if I am willing to place my pic out there isnt it only fair to expect a man to do the same?

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    Hi! I'm new here and I haven't found the photo that I want to put on here yet. Are all these men looking for 18-35? Or is it just me? I'm looking for a best-friend, companion, laugh partner #1.
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