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Posted on Thu, Oct 21, 2010 16:52

Why is there a such thing as WINKS. Are we in grade school. I have been on other sites that use the same and I think it is so immature. Is this not an adult site? I think if you are here  and find someone is appealing you should just say it. Say hi and ask for a response. Why wink and then if you respond to them they don't reply either. Couldn't have been that interested????.And very rude and poor manners. Not sure if this site has what I was looking for. Mature,intelligent men able to communicate............Or why favorite someone and have your profile on hold. If someone favorites me I am pleased to receive that note and would like to thank them and ask why. Anyone care to comment???

Available only
to logged in members
Posted on Fri, Mar 04, 2011 13:05

Its because to send an email you have to be a paid member.........and lots of people on here are free members so they can only use the "wink"!

I suppose you have realised now that the men who have joined here for whatever reason can't/won't pay for membership and hope that they'll get lucky at least once by bombarding all the women with winks.

Makes a joke of the reason men have joined this particular site and they are unable to pay just for membership,let alone meet a woman,go on dates etc!

I'm a paid member but when my membership ends I log off and hide my profile instead of being a silent member.

Anyway,winks are for women to let the MEN step up and message them.

Just my two cents.