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    Highly recommend this new company, they have a different setup from other resorts, I have been to exotic retreat, and vikings, I like drnights the best due their custom vacations, you tell them how you want it, and they make it happen flawlessly. I had made reservations with this company 1 week in advance, for the Golf and Private Villa Package, I opted this route because my colleagues, and I can't afford to be seen in a resort, discretion is very important to us, We were assigned a host, who arranged everything for us, whatever we needed or wanted we called Mark and he made it happen, we were picked up at the airport by two very beautiful girls, DR nights has mostly local dominican girls ranging from 8-10's, however we did see jessica from switzerland (smokin) and Dayanni (brazilian) Mark had stated he had more girls coming in from columbia, and brazil, well moving on we were brought to a reception house where they lined up about 30 girls, we had to pick from all these beautiful girls, toughest choice of our lives, our package included 4 girls per day, one for each of us, you can get whatever you want, I personally would rather stick with 1. Then brought over to our villa, everything was perfect villa was 5 star all the way, they have pics on their website, just as promised, our maid took care of all our needs, girls were GFE experience aimed to please, and I must say the GOLF was world class Punta Espada #1, it was coordinated seamlessly, DRNIGHTS gets two thumbs up. Will definitely use again
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    Interesting, thanks. When I get bored, maybe ?
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