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    "My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind."
    Albert Einstein

    Physics and metaphysics are creations of supportive numbers and words in an attempt to describe what is just out of the realm of being describable; words fall short. This is what I am able to tap into during certain operations and meditations, with the goal to become fully awakened to the energy that exists within each of us. I do not ascribe to all that is said about the God of Abraham because as humans trying to understand what is best experienced this concept at times tends to veer away from the true essence and ascribe attributes that aren't of the Creator Intellect but are of the humans who are desperately trying to understand. Those attempts are human?s imperfect way of describing the infinite. On some aspects of this IAM the Roman Catholics handle well and if one can get past the "words" it will be seen that they did a good job on the trinity, on "3". The RC's also knew very well how to tap into the fire, beautifully, taking their cue from the predecessor Judaic and erroneously called secular traditions of the ancient world. Traditions from which the concepts of the One Source were borne. I am certain what I have learned would frighten most RC's and challenge their beliefs; I would be called a heretic because I know this nameless faceless form free from the dogma of man. This dogma free ideology follows a lot of the Egyptian and Persian ideations of this Ehyeh.

    The Ehyeh is the font of all that encompasses the Universe. Those who achieve tapping into understanding it on other levels beyond speech and mundane thought discover a profound communication of this understanding between those who have experienced this gift. Most mystical philosophies and religions have the ability of affecting incredible magic, their congregants having had incredible ecstatic experiences during some conventional services such as Roman Catholic High Masses. Those who have been brought up around such traditions and religions in which ritual and ceremony were sacrosanct know this and have experienced ecstatic experiences at least once in their lives. Many who have fallen away from the Catholic Church and even those who vehemently dislike them find it hard to deny the draw of Christmas Midnight Mass and Easter Sunrise Mass and the indescribable sense that fills one as the Priestly mages perform the metaphysical mysteries; further visitors and atheists also have similar experiences. Metaphysics are metaphysics; the IAM is the IAM, no matter who is performing the necessary rituals and meditations to tap into that highest of energy.

    I believe in that God force with all my spirit. It cannot be divided into parts yet it is who we are, it is that spark that animates everything.

    It is my belief at this time that every font of energy emanates from this one Absolute source. I totally reject the notion that the ha?satan or any other deity created Evil; there is one Absolute, one P'th, one El.

    It is the masculine G-D and the feminine Shekinah, it is with, it is without. It has no physical form, this is a universal form not just the Absolute of one or two peoples but this is the Source of all as the ancients understood; it is we who misunderstood. A prime example of this misunderstanding is that many people think Hindus and Buddhists believe in several gods, this is because we misunderstood and the Christocentric word for god cannot be applied to their deities. They are as the Roman Catholic saints, they are sants, and they all are driven by the Absolute that is the spark that gives us life. Hindus and Buddhists believe in One Absolute Source and will translate this and refer to this source as God; however their meaning is more of the true nature, more similar to the Hebraic El, the model for what has been come to be known as God, the Father.

    The Almighty, Absolute creator of heavens and earths in all things visible and invisible in the entire Universe.

    I believe in a supreme force that is a superior intelligence that can take any form it wishes. I believe manifestations of both positive and negative such as saints, angels, guardians, ascended masters are vehicles of such force and each vehicle has its own personality, its own mind, it own free will and is answerable to its laws particular to its own nature. These vehicles are fueled by the same spark, the same fuel that gives us life. They are not reanimated; they are live energy in their own fashion. Every human has direct Yahweh force within them. Some of the machinery is more refined, some are simply better machines; some are even damaged. A rare few can bring the force to a high potential, far too many aren't aware of that potential, on some it is even wasted, and this is why they were able to be influenced by learned men who can manipulate the ideologies of these forces to their own designs for their own purposes such as in the 3rd century CE by those who men who got together to make a final decision on who God was and what the nature is of that which bornless, nameless and formless and so now the bulk of the world believe fairy tales to cover a more fascinating truth.

    Do I believe in G-d?


    I have seen and experienced things I would rather cherish to myself.

    And then I look around at the beauty that surrounds me, the sheer genius of creation. Only a far superior intelligence could have created this. I contemplate the sheer genius of the being-human, this was no accidental design.

    There is a method to this seeming chaos; to us it looks like chaos because most of us could not function on that level in this form, not yet anyway. Certainly not on the level of the Absolute and the blissful ecstasy we can experience is only attainable as long as we remain balanced, but we all experience the best consequences of creation because we are sacred beings. Humans are endowed with miraculous intelligence. Everyday another genius is using this energy to help perfect the human vehicle even before it is born, sometimes before conception even; through surgery, an injection or a pill. All this is the culmination of study, research and evolution... I think about our planet and how it is held in the sky, how everything compliments and depends on one another.

    I do believe we were created with the same logic and reason as the Absolute, and in that way, our brain structure, cruder because it has form and mass, is in the image of the creator to help with maintenance and furthering of evolution of said creations.

    This is not a stagnant intelligence and what we see now in archeological expeditions we have unearthed were the first of millions of years long gone. We evolve, this is our gift; the prototypes were created as one self sustaining self evolving unit. Our form is the best form the creator found, the best design for intelligence in its image. We are creations of total balance beyond thought, we are Shekinah.

    This Absolute energy's creations are self maintenanced so the energy doesn't have to keep babysitting it, because this is emotion, this is mind, and emotions are mundane. Mind personality is of the human vehicle and just as we know of invisible synaptic energy that emits from the nerve to the muscle, organ, bone etc. mind is the non tangible organ from which synaptic communication begins and ends in communication with the spiritual, with the Absolute.

    The human creations, the human organisms were given everything we need and the Absolute energy isn't going to interfere, moralize or judge, it operates on a very different level of negative and positive. It is analytical and deals in cause and effect. Explore this yourself, to begin with research the biological processes called the Krebs Cycle or the incredible Loop of Henle all created to form the mostly self sustaining organisms we are designed to be.

    The IAM will respond however to the intent and will of those who know how to communicate with the Absolute and this is in essence communing within oneself. We can also drive this energy to our own will using detached total impersonal logic, above all emotional illusions and squabbles it reasons on a purely mathematical basis.

    It is not a dual nature like humans made dual because of their flesh which weighs down the spirit, mathematically if not emotionally.

    This duality is what we have to overcome to experience our G-d nature. "Ehyeh asher ehyeh". "I am that I am? or "I will be what I will be".

    It is however all good, even the negative, the ambiguity of the phrase "Ehyeh asher ehyeh" is a reference to the Absolute's eternal nature that it transcends time, has no beginning and no end, and it will always be. Of course from there we begin to delve deeply into QBLH and realize that even though the Absolute is impersonal in it justice, it also tempers its polarities with mercy. How cannot one see the zen of it?

    Do I think the Absolute is watching? No, I think it is and it isn't, it isn't watching to punish us, it is like the grand operator in the engine room and it is going to affect whatever it needs to. Action and reaction. Because it being the creator it will assist us in any plea we make to evolve even further, and the Absolute can evolve and can fine tune simply because it can.

    The Absolute knows all even before it happens, it is not constrained to time as we are, it experiences the past present and future in the now always, it knows all things past present and future, knows all our thoughts at once.

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    The Absolute is the epitome of fairness in its omnipotence, and man has used an unwarranted fear of this just power to control what isn't theirs to control. That will get its attention as well just as when do in a specific operation to get the attention of the IAM, and that causes an imbalance and symptoms of this imbalance have always been found within any religion or philosophy that uses unjust fear and inserts its own laws misrepresenting them as the laws of the nature of the Absolute. Call it karmic, call it balance it is what it is.

    The Absolute can do anything, but it has demonstrated that it gave us free will and will not compel us to do its will mainly because we are g-d also; a still not nearly evolved extension of the Absolute energy. This affect of free will is what raises us above other sentient beings, is what makes us the Absolute.

    Btw, Buddha, Krisha and Christ are consciousness of G-d [I will let the different philosophies fight about which one came first] not The Absolute font and each one teaches that we are also G-d and all the Absolute. Very simply put you might say the absolute created this consciousness to deal with the psychosocial emotional aspects of the mundane human brain. Something we must nurture on one hand, but overcome on the other to ascend into nirvana and other similar states of enlightenment beyond the flesh.

    We all have the Absolute consciousness in us and once its nature you will is fully accepted we realize we sometimes hold it to something that is not its responsibility. We shine. Allow it to reach its zenith and let go of those emotions that are keeping it from reaching its fullness within each and everyone of us.

    Ok..time to go...Nothing more I need to tell you , you know the rest within your heart*hugs*

    And it is our sole responsibility to be flowing beautifully down a very healing path called love.

    Peace profound,


    P.S. and this is how I feel today, tommorrow I might uncover something that makes me think something entirely different;)
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