I don't date black men Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    islands101 write:
    This topic I am sure will bring some discussion if not comment from those who say they are not prejudice. Keep in mind that I never mentioned anything about race or color. I received this comment from a female member, after simply sending a simple wink. Now you tell me if you think this is a comment by an open minded individual. It was not about a dating but just a friendly hello ~

    morallysweet wrote:

    I don't date black men

    My reply: me either

    Any comments morallysweet???

    Islands, that was a razor-sharp touche' and you answered back with dignity and humour that figuratively squashed morallysweet like a bug. I despise bad manners and ignorance and her response was grievously insensitive. I commend you.
  • View author's info posted on Aug 02, 2006 22:27

    This is another commment by a Italian member: just pathetic...

    111Anastasia write:
    Sorry but why you all don't respect the choice of other people?

    this is clearly a comment by a fellow bigot and unintelligent.... person.. I have no comment. notice

    "you all" omg......islands
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