What am i doing wrong? Im in UK, educating MYSELF, confident clever and sexy. Is there such a thing as too fussy? Dating Wealthy Men / Women Forward to friends

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    So? Is there such a thing as too fussy? I'm putting myself through my degree in Forensics and intend to go to do my MA, i know money will be no object for me, although it is essential if you want my time you have plenty. So is it too much to ask that a man be intelligent sensual and good looking and wealthy? Should women settle? OK so it could be that i don't have the time to look for what i require and that limits my chances. But I really do think that to ask for it all rolled into one seams unrealistic, it just seams when most boxes are ticked something is seriously lacking. Oh and if I'm going to be totally honest am i just taking the total mick to expect him to be well equipped? Size doesn't matter, PLEASE, am i on my own here? I'm sorry but why would i say it doesn't when it does. Am i asking for the world here? For ages Ive been trying to refine my criteria for what I'm after, and now i have and know EXACTLY what i want i cant find him! Advice PLEEEEASE!

    hahah i just previed this, the reason isnt cus i look as glum as i do in that photo! hahaha Im a happy soul!
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    The truth is we all have a wish list but so would Mr./Ms Right..and whether the two wish lists matched and the ever elusive chemistry blend to stir us into ahappy brew..is all up to divine intervention, cupid or fate..or God for some..
    Compromising that wish list begins when we find the shelf empty and we are part of the shelf collecting dust..
    Truth is Love is Blind and we all have blind spots ..or some of us erase those blind spots ..but being blind helps ..at least we overlook or can't see all the flaws of Mr./Ms. Right and when the right opportunity knocks at our door , do put on the blindfold ..and maybe that is the only way to fall for a lesser Mr/Ms. Right and be happy ..
    NOt all of us are lucky enough to have it all..and what is ALL? The ALL do fall and disappear too..and that is when we miss what we take for granted..
    LIfe is all about living and loving well..the man /woman who could give you love also gives you his/her time..the unquantifiable gift that is precious and once given could never be replenished..you could give without loving but you can't love without giving..so find a man/woman who could give you unstinctingly the most precious of gift..TIME..
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    Sexy scientist you got it all girl. I expect you to get everything out of this life since you have obviously worked diligently, and are making a name for yourself. Me on the other hand have blown it with many girls of your complete package. For example my first girl friend is a ten all around, and is actually studying to become an organic chemist. Me on the other hand who knows. Keep up the good work.

    Love your work Ryan Charles
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    you are very pretty, have confident in yourself. From your pic you look sweet.
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