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    So? Is there such a thing as too fussy? I'm putting myself through my degree in Forensics and intend to go to do my MA, i know money will be no object for me, although it is essential if you want my time you have plenty. So is it too much to ask that a man be intelligent sensual and good looking and wealthy? Should women settle? OK so it could be that i don't have the time to look for what i require and that limits my chances. But I really do think that to ask for it all rolled into one seams unrealistic, it just seams when most boxes are ticked something is seriously lacking. Oh and if I'm going to be totally honest am i just taking the total mick to expect him to be well equipped? Size doesn't matter, PLEASE, am i on my own here? I'm sorry but why would i say it doesn't when it does. Am i asking for the world here? For ages Ive been trying to refine my criteria for what I'm after, and now i have and know EXACTLY what i want i cant find him! Advice PLEEEEASE!

    hahah i just previed this, the reason isnt cus i look as glum as i do in that photo! hahaha Im a happy soul!
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    I hear you both, and submit to you that some of us men actually want to be challenged and stimulated by intelligent, powerful women.. Otherwise what's the point, I don't want some housewifish partner, I want a true partner and equal/rival so that together we make each other even better. As far as the 'size' comment goes, both men and women have their size fetishes, but as long as everyone's equipment is having the desired effect, that should be all that is required. Not that I believe people should sell themselves short I just think that if that spark is there, the rest fades away.
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    Hello khaynes
    Thank you, u put it much better than i did. I just sounded cold in what i wrote when im really not! You have given me hope tho, well at least im not by myself on this! So do you think we should JUST have someone we can level with? Or JUST have someone thats good looking (not that that makest them attractive) do you understand what i mean? How often do you ever find exatly what your looking for. It just all seams too much to expect from one person. Or is it only too much when they are the wrong man? I think the latter, it gives me hope! Regards
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    Hey Intel. I'm about to receive my Ph.D. in Genetics this year. I have the same sort of difficulty finding a mate. I've even tried dating men who weren't aiming as high as me, but often they either get intimidated or treat me like some strange creature (I guess being a black female scientist is rare, but I am still a person). I'd like to meet someone I can level with. I don't think it's elitist, it's just realistic. You tend to get along with people who can feel comfortable around you.
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    Hi, Weybridge, Wow only down the road from me, Nice Place, Brooklands a fab place too!
    Well what can I say, you are going to have to find your own way here, I mean you seem to have everything planed out for you or have you?
    Ok give us an Idea of what it is you really want,Must be out there some where dont you think, Nice to meet you, cant send you mail as not member Sorry! my loss!

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