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    I am completely new to this whole internet dating scene and I m not sure that I will be here long. I have a few questions and I hope that maybe some of the "seasoned pros" can give me their opinions and advise. Seems to me that this is just another way for men to lie their way into your heart. They point out all their positive attributes including their flawless techniques in bed but they leave out the facts per sec that they have all these hang ups about committment and honesty.
    Now I may not have a clue what I
    m talking about here so maybe someone can clue me in. Seems to me that at any given time these guys with their bare chests and tight jeans are talking to at least 20 different women at the same time and shooting the same lines to each of them. The first one that bites is the flavor of the night. If they get laid then that woman is put on the back burner incase nothing else comes along on a cold boring night. If he doesnt get laid then any reason from the color of her socks to her manicure will get him off the hook and he still has 19 other women online waiting to build up his confidence and win a night out.
    I have to wonder if the old fashioned way of meeting isnt still the best. You go to a bar and drink yourself stupid and whoever is laying on the floor with you at closing time, is your man. At least this way you hear things about him--face it everyone knows something about everyone and are more than happy to tell their stories. So you hear all the nasty things about your floor mate and you get to see exactly what he looks like. You all have to admit that there are some men on here who are definately not their pictures, and I dont want to set myself up to meet someone beautiful and meet someone who looks like he ate someone on the way. This new way of meeting is a mystery to me you only have to go by what they tell you. And I dont know many people who are gonna come online and tell the bad things about themselves, that wont get them a second glance.
    In reality I have to wonder if all the people on here, including us women, are all that wonderful, why are we doing this? Why dont we already have a fabulous man in our homes, instead coming on here and standing in line for a mans attention?
    I have just gotten out of a nasty little relationship and havent had the time to go and look for a replacement but I dont think that this is the way. It kind of reminds me of what I heard about 40
    s dances, all the women on one side praying someone will ask them to dance, and the hottest thing is a man in his 60
    s with his toupee on crooked and his teeth flopping around in his mouth.
    Now I
    m not looking for the richest man or the most flawless of creatures in the world, because I definately have a lot of flaws myself, too many to list here, but it would be so nice to find a man who is perfect to me, with flaws and baggy jeans, instead of a god who would take up all my time beating strange women off him with my broom.
    Relationships are hard enough to make work let alone if there is so much competition from a computer enticing him to come and take me for a whirl. Afterall every fantasy you want is here, perfection, beauty, money and as many options as you want is only a keyboard stroke away. Where men and women only type in their idea of perfect mates and a list of hundreds is generated before you, really does a real relationship stand a chance?
    Like I said I
    m new to this and I dont even have an account yet, maybe someone out there can either convince me to come aboard or get back under the table in my neighbourhood bar. But I do believe in happily ever after and just want to know, does it exist on the internet Thanks all ileah
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    Apparently i was sensored because i said much more but evidently the moderators are sick and tired of bobster too so didnt print the rest Well i will just consider it to be the welcoming wagon of But really do u mean bobster is really a woman posing as a 57 year old gay man who does his own monkey? Now i thought i had problems hahaha Truly an entertaining little place to visit
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    keeping in mind here i am new and just read bits and pieces but how enlightened i am haha
  • View author's info posted on Feb 02, 2005 06:54

    Well my goodness, is there anything more pathetic than a 57 year old gay man who spanks (no e dear) his own monkey?
    Enough said about that.
    But I would like to offer my apologies to the two ladies that were bashed by name in this forum Obviouly you have already told bob where to get off hahaha
    Thank you also to the ladies who answered me, perhaps you are right and I need to re-evaluate the reason I am here, and to re-think my goals and my needs We are all here because of the same reason and for the same reason and for myself as well as you lovely ladies, I hope we all find our answers
    ps bobster, i have to say
    the lesbian community would definately not thank you for sending me there hahaha have to hope that you have just an evil sense of humour and you are not really like that because if you are the gay community might throw you back in the mix
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    Ileah..I would probably still prefer the old fashoned way myself.The problem is that I'm from a place where the only places to meet single men my age are bars and Church.I tried was a drunk...the other just couldn't take it when he couldn't convert me,lol.Your right about alot of things...and no one person here has perfect wisdom on exactly how to do this.Most of us do try and learn from the mistakes of others.In the long run though,most of us are sort of winging it.There are good and bad here...just like in the world....It does help to make some female friends who have learned some of the ropes,as I did,they really can help and you'll make some friends along the way.The men?Some good..some bad...but they are still a fair cross section of what your likely to run into in a club,in a city on any given night.The real advantage is the opportunity to have contact with people from places you would not have ordinarily.I did,and still do,take it as fun,an adventure....I never took it too seriously and have been pleasantly surprised.Good luck and check out the Sisterhood Forum before you quit.Some very nice women there who would love to help..
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