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Your heart condition
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Posted on Thu, Dec 12, 2013 08:36

I am here because I just woke up from a dream.  I had a dream I was singing in front of all these elderly women and gentlemen and I started singing their ole favourites . then one lady stopped me and said 
We have a surprise for you and then this man in a dark grey suit came up to me and said "we want to give you this and it was a blue note with the letter B beside the numbers $100.000 and I said "I never seen one of these before, what is it?" and this white male in a dark grey suit said "I want to give you this because so many of these people you have made happy and we want to make you happy"  I looked at this gentleman and I burst into tears, cried and hugged him and I dropped the note on the ground and what I saw was this mans heart condition and I couldnt stop crying.  After I lost my husband 7 momths ago I didnt ever think I could find the right man with the right heart and damn it all,, I found him in my dream.  If you dont have the right heart , it doesnt matter what you got.  My dream showed me this direction because this man in my dream maybe here then again. Maybe not but this is a new beginning for me to start until I am in the right place to find that man with the right heart the most important piece missing in my life from my dream.  Then again it may still just be a dream but it felt so good and then waking up crying cause I felt his heart too ..wow !! incredible dream.

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