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    okay, now it's on page two, this is nuts, MMatch must be having a bad day.

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    Hey, this site scrambled all the postings so this one dropped to page three - - - so I'm going to try to bump it back up to the top, here goes:

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    Good post . . . truth is, inflation being what it is, practically anyone with a white collar professional job can be a "millionaire" (assets of at least $1M) in a matter of years. Even little old moi (single working parent that I am, I will probably inherit a respectable amount) will be a millionaire before I retire, god willing! But it won't mean I can afford to retire. Gas will be $20 a gallon by then, LOL . . .

    In New York and Los Angeles, a "millionaire" brings in at least $1M per year because that's what it takes to be able to maintain the lifestyle we imagine of a millionaire in those cities. However, in most other places you can live like a king or queen on much less than that, so your $1M/yr criteria is probably too high.

    Regardless of income, however, we're all human with human needs. Questions like "what do millionaires want?" are rather silly, because it presumes they want something other than what everyone else wants. We want the best mates we can "afford" in the literal and figurative sense. We ALL want people to love us for who we are, to add value to our lives, etc, - - - it's just rich folks' ideas of "value" are shaped by an exclusive environment of relative privilege. If you understand the environment, you're better able to understand what "value" means to them.

    One more thing. Uh . . . can I be your driver? It would sure beat my daily grind of costing out lifecycle logistics of major weapons programs. I mean it, man! I'll even wear a little outfit if you want! Short! High heels! While I drive you to your various appointments we can talk about what "value" means to you. Think about it!
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