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    I was just browsing through the forums here and I find the topics to be ridiculous. "Do rich men like skinny hot girls???" Um, regardless if the individual is wealthy or not, if you're not aesthetically pleasing to them, then they will obviously not like you. And every individual has his/her own taste, so if he/she is looking for someone with a little extra weight then merry ways to you.
    It's amazing how society immediately assumes that wealthy folks are looking for individuals with what society perceives to be perfect assets. False.
    To those who want to flame and hate, cheers. I'm looking forward to your response.
    To those who agree, well, one less idiot in society. Cheers to you too.
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    Be careful what you wish for. And how thin do you like um?

    For me if it were just about looks, then I would never have left the first man I once fell in love with. But considering that was the 80's and cocaine was a rich man's drug of the time, most likely I would be dead by now because that was what he liked to do in his spare time when we were in the hot tub on his cabin cruiser. I left him because the drugs situation got out of control and my weight dropped from 107 to 82 lbs within less than a year. I did not like what I had become and I gave him an ultimatum...drugs or love. He chose drugs. First he lost me and within the next 5 years his position as CEO of a fortune 500 company.


    That is why when I cast fashion models it's all based on looks.

    The other reality is; many humans who fancy the perfect physical combination are NOT and do not possess that perfect combination themselves.

    Many humans do not measure up and if we/they do, we can't ALL stay that way...NOT EVEN YOU.

    Worse yet the population would decline drastically if attraction and chemistry simply surrounded one's physical appearance because we all know that LIFE is sexually transmitted.

    I am attaching two images, one of thin that is sported by two famous celebs and one of my daughter who is the spittn image of me at the same age. I at one time, just as she is now have/has the pick of any available bachelor. Unfortunately NOT one of those hotties I dated fr any significant amount of time were able to turn me on more than turning me off as time passed. And she too just like mamma is learning the hard way. Every hottie she dated (usually jocks) turned out to be complete control freaks and real jerks. Now she's finally taking mom's advice. She dates an average looking guy who worships the ground she walks on and he treats her like the princess she is.

    The fact remains that LOOKS ALONE are not as an important of an ingredient as we think it is when it comes to completing the recipe for a successful LTR.

    All my life I favored tall, hot blonds with blue or green eyes and athletic bods.

    But of the few men I have ever truly loved, the one I shared the time of my life with actually was a shorter 5'8" to 5'9" Hispanic CEO with an average body and my 10 yr senior. Go figure, I never would have imagined someone who did not fit my ideal would ever make me so happy and make me feel so complete. I do not pine for him any longer but to this very day, I do mourn for that type of relationship I was blessed to have experienced. And for certain if I saw his image on a dating site rather than being introduced to him at a symposium, I never would have given his image or profile a second look.

    I only mention this as everyone should be just a lil more open minded because as it stands now.....finding something so special as what can be shared between two people is VERY RARE. I only hope someday I can have a relationship that is as mutually beneficial as one was. Maybe it's crazy for me to believe I will ever have a second once in a life time experience such as that but I am not giving up hope.

    I also know both my mother and father were both lookers when they married but both changed as time passed...and never...not once would my father have ever thought about trading my mother in for a younger thinner hotter model. 48 yrs of marriage, my dad admired, adored, loved and worship my mother as much as DiMaggio did Marilyn Monroe.

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    we do,in fact so does society.there r no health clubs for women to put on weight,just the opposite.who wants a fat woman anyways,i mean full figured.theres nothing appealing about FAT.i expect women to scream sexist but only the women who r bored n need to speak up on this issue,the truth will only come from men,not aging women whose best days r behind them n a cheeseburger in front of them.america is a country where fat is everywhere n fat women try to blow it off by saying,i dont wont to look like skin n bones.the reality is even immigrants who come here skinny put a lot of weight on quickly after a while.of course all most men want slender not fat.include me in the sucessful men who prefer slender .do rich men like skinny girls.....YES.

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    First of all, I find term "rich" to be gauche. And thank goodness for variety in life ;-). I'm not skinny, but I am small.
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