What does money really buy? Romance

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    If you could have all the money in the world would that really buy you happiness?.....Sometimes I wonder......Money can buy materialistic things but cant buy Love.........why are women and even sometimes other men so grasped by the fact of a rich human being?........
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    money can buy stuff, that's all. The most important , and best things in life can not be bought, they come through the heart felt giving the geniune soul. People who actual care about other people, and what they can give to the world to better it. Money doesn't open doors people do. Money doesn't have to be power, if you don't take money do something for someone, you just do it to help, then the power is GIVING, NOT TAKING,get it , but then you are only 28, geezzus! smarten up.
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    Does money buy happiness? Well i believe that money does not buy happiness, BUT when you are financially comfortable ,you are then more free to pursue the joys in life or career/dreams and opportunities than bring fullness to your life. For myself i know that once im where i want to be in the career i am pursuing,, i will enjoy both the fruits of my labor plus be comforted knowing that i achieved what i set out to do. I have found when you do what you are passioante about the success/money will follow. Success and money that has been a result of hard work is the best and then I intend to use it to help others.
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    ...interesting. By looking at the various responses, it is easy the ones who are inherently wealthy and those that made it on their own. You can see those that are so shallow, they have nothing to do but hide behind their wealth. You can also see those who are, what they say,"income sheet wealthy,' and those who are 'balance sheet solvent." Goodness, I should have more faith in my peers...As for figuring out your identity, that is something that has to come from within, nowhere else. So do yourself and all potential suitors the favor and invest in a little soul searching. It will be the best thing you will ever do. All that money does is cloud things. Like they say, more money more problems. Similar to it's essence, it makes it difficult to know, I mean truly know who those are around you. How many of those who consider themselves wealthy actually think that if they, lets say, God forbid, filed chapter 11 or 13, how many would maintain the friends they currently have? Just because one is rich, doesn't mean they are wealthy. Wealth is acquired by hardships, having absolutely nothing and still maintaining the positive disposistion you may or may not currently have. As thee Great One once said,"..a man's wealth can be measured by his friends." Those that think they are rich, need to figure it out, as all of us know, a simple twist of fate, and voila! The Man gave you the means to do something, obviously, personalities aren't for sale but maybe, just maybe, you can give someone a little more hope than your personalities.....
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    well to me there are several things money can buy and we just have to be truthfull about it, and i wont want anyone to conderm one another cos we all see these things in diffrent perspective and as it affect us. money can buy you drugs but not good health, it can buy you education but not common sense, it can buy you car but not happiness, it can buy you so many things physical, but what of things that are not physical and i beleive that is the most important. we should deceive each other, if you claim to love someone and u cant give her some basic things then how do u show her you love her. people at times take tolerant for true love and we know deep down inside our heart we know what we want and what our needs are. to me money is also important as love cos with some little money, you express so much love. money helps to show what you really are a times. you buy a flower for your woman you spend little money to show your love, its really importand am not saying youhave to have much , but certainly there are things money can not buy and that includes death
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    hmmm, guys, it's obvious that money dose not buys love, waste of time to talk about it (too old)...
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    money opens doors! with money you can get an education and explore the world in a more beautiful light. it can provide a good home and a more stable place to raise your kids. and lets you enjoy life! without money you dont have much! love doesnt feed you nor does it provide a warm roof over your head! and your even more screwed if you get sick and have no money! its not what money is it is what it can do for you!
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    Nevermore - spoken like a true MM gold digger baby! My profile is an homage to your and your kind!
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    I hate to have to say this nevermore but your message sounds like you are a hooker!! Probably completely wrong, but that is from one woman to another.

    Personally speaking I would prefer to buy my own clothes, my own personal stuff. I don't expect a man to "pay for my time" or my company.

    Love and respect come a lot higher in my book than someone being able to "buy" me
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    Money buys my time, clothes, excitement and not having to sit by the phone for that "right" guy.
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    I dont feel money can buy you "happiness" per say, but it sure can make your life a lot easier to find that happiness. If you have money you have freedom. Freedom to socialize more, travel and meet new people and experience things more frequently and with that comes opportunity to meet someone new to find love. When you dont have money, you're usually working your tail off to make money so fun goes out the window at times. I've fallen in love with both types of partners, those with wealth and those without and the depth of love and the relationship was the same for me. Not sure if I made sense, but there ya go!
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    Money does not buy hapiness. It buys other good stuff and happiness is not negated by it. The good stuff it can buy can be very good indeed.
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    It sure didn't save my marriage but it brought me lots of happiness. Having money means you can turn to think about everything else that life has to offer. you can buy your way out of problems. And you can have a hell of a lot of fun, fun, fun.
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    EP wrote:
    If you could have all the money in the world, would that really buy you happiness?.....Sometimes I wonder......Money can buy materialistic things but cant buy Love.........why are women and even sometimes other men so grasped by the fact of a rich human being?........

    Avalon 8 responds:
    If I may venture a response ... on a social/ physiological level, woman are attracted to power, and money often equals power. We are conditioned from infancy to believe that the more "beautiful" we are, the better our chances of getting a top performer for a mate ... one who will be a good provider for us and our children.
    Men also are socialized ... the more of a top performer you are, the better your chances of getting your primary fantasy: many beautiful women ... or part of your ideal fantasy, one beautiful woman. So, if you're a rock star, president of the US or an astronaut, you will most likely get your primary fantasy ...
    On a purely biological level, the two year old female elephant first coming into heat will ignore the 4 year old male and bat her "eyelashes" at the 50 y.o. bull elephant ... because he has proven his "virility" over and over again by beating off other possible contenders for the crown...
    Women possibly equate money with someone who will make a better provider (and thereby allow her and her children to be "safe" and protected).
    For myself, I want a man who makes a good living because it reflects that he has self-esteem and knows his innate value or worth as a person, and that, of course, is translated to the outer world in terms of making a good living. So, if I want a man with self-esteem, I look for someone who is kind and has a good heart, and also earns a good living. Since I also earn a good living, it's a good match...
    Hope this helps ... unless, of course, your question was retorical. I've just joined so I don't know...
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