What do we do to make our world a better place to live? Pets Forward to friends

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    hi, i operate a foundation for sustainable living in sarchi, costa rica a beautiful part of the world , thanks for your interest
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    elenaNYS write:
    Since it is a millionaires' web site, I would assume that many of the members have something to do with charity. What do you guys do to make our world a better place to live? Let's share our thoughts and ideas.


    OK, good topic. No takers in 20 days? Hmmmm. I send 100% of my charitable giving to animal welfare charities and environmental groups. I gave a small fortune to help the dogs (and other animals) of Katrina... I hope it was used effectively. I wish I'd also gone there to help those animals locked in homes to die, swimming in oil, starving and injured.

    Animals can do little to help themselves. They suffer and die every minute of the day because of our selfishness and stupidity. I visited an elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka in Sept '07 and met with 3-legged elephants who had stepped on land mines, losing a foot or leg. You have to see an elephant with just 3 legs try to walk, to understand the tragedy. Of course it's not just elephants that pay the price. See the photos on my profile for more.

    But some of you successful ladies can surely help out, too! And while we're on the subject, one of the best things we can ALL do is to STOP buying animals from breeders and stores! The shelters are just FULL of terrific dogs and others who are simply euthanized when they've overstayed their welcomes. All my dogs have come from shelters, some just in the nick of time. Nobody loves you more than an animal you've saved from a shelter. They spend the rest of their lives giving back.

    Thanks for asking, elenaNYS.


    Here's a dog that came from the Fairfax Co, VA, dog pound, 8 years ago.

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