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    Air Alert
    I didn't know my ire was up??
    Just was stating I don't ask for help, even tho there have been times I should have! Too much pride I guess. Darn thing being a Leo! LOL

    Yes I think we all misunderstood your original comments. Apologies on that
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    As an artist and a writer, I've often spent time just this close to being "homeless." It goes with the job title - "starving artist" and "starving writer." I used to forgo food in favour of spending my last dollar on paints, canvas, pens or paper. These are my "addictions," and are what my life is all about - pure creativity.
    Other people are not blessed with creativity. They hit a down spiral in their lives and they don't know how to get out of it. They have no friends or family to help them, government programs are a myth and a joke. As it gets worse instead of better, they turn to drugs and/or booze to take the miserableness about their lives out of their minds. This is what their lives are all about - pure hell.
    What's the difference between a politician or CEO who snorts nose candy or drinks like a sponge as compared to a homeless person who takes drugs or drinks? The difference is - the guy making $100,000 a year has the cash to clean up his life and get back on track ... but he just doesn't. The homeless guy doesn't either... but he can't.
    Some people say that drug addicts and drunks "choose" to live like that. So do the rich junkies and lushes. It's just that the poor people are more hated and more easily bashed than the ones with wealth. It's a matter of "positioning" and "branding." Sad.
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    (continued) . . . . I think stating that millionaires brag is a subjective generalization, but can see Freedom's point. If a man has lured her in with promises undelivered, then she should be upset. But if peple EXPECT that millionaires are here to help others, then that is wrong also. That is how I understood her thread and was possibly mistaken. Some people brag because they have nothing else to offer. No personality, no charm, no intelligence, no adventure, etc. Money is their personality and they'll use it to their advantage. Ladies, if you're looking for substance in a man who is stable financially, I'd stay away from those who can only talk about work and money. That'll lead you to believing all rich people are assholes which most rich people are not. Money does make my life more comfortable, but it never changed who I am.
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    IntelligentBlonde, Didn't mean to get your ire up, but solutions to many people's problems can be handled within themselves and not from outside sources. Looking for a simple solution doesn't make a person stronger, just more dependent and weaker. Altough I understand outside sources sometimes do help. Alberto is also correct. I did get off the topic a little. We should stick to the topic at hand. The question was "Why Brag". Some will do it and some will not. If you're not a gold digger, then I'd stay away from the one's who brag. They're most likely defined by their money and that is all. And when I say brag, I don't mean simple conversation abut their work. I mean showing off. Sharp1 asked if I discuss my wealth with friends and others. NEVER. I decided to make money because I wanted a comfortable life so I can be who I am, but I don't brag about it. No point in that. I want people to know who I am and appreciate me for me. (see next thread) . . .
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    Katiegrl, I do get requests from some friends and distant relatives but it is very rare. The requests aren't for handouts but for investments into business ideas. I don't believe friends and family should ever do business together, so I mostly turned them down and they understand why. Women rarely ask for money and that's because I am a down to earth, modest person. I don't talk about my company, my money or my assets. I don't generally date women that I sense are out to "keep up with the Jones" and that's probably why I don't get asked that often. I don't have a "scam-dar" up and running either. I try not to be paranoid. Most gold diggers give themselves away without me having to figure them out. Like I wrote before, I don't mind fitting the bill for a lot of things, but if one EXPECTS me to, I feel I'm being used and it doesn't happen. And you weren't being too invasive by the way.
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    AirAlert.....Of COURSE you don't owe anyone anything. Of course not! You have the right to decide how, when, where, and how much of your money is spent, and on whom. You're right, there are some people who pretend they're in need, just so they can get a handout. Everyone knows this.

    Camryn(Fighting) did not 'dig a hole too deep to climb out of.' She got married to a man she loved and they had 2 children. Pretty normal stuff. He just happened to turn out to be physically and emotionally abusive against her. Is that the hole she dug too deep? He beat her up and caused neurological damage to her. Some may be permanent damage. And that's her fault?? Get real!

    She's offered to show proof of doc reports, medical bills, etc. to anyone who would be kind enough to help her. If you don't want to help her, fine, that's your right. But don't sit there and blame her for what a so-called man did to her. It's time victims stop getting the blame.
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    I recently screwed up overpaying a bill for my business, to the government yet! When I first found out I was Im-ing with a friend from here and he immediately offer to help "in any way", I turned him down, because it was more important to me that he just listened to me than wired me some cash to cover the error. It will work out their sending it back .
    And I've been in alot worse situations. But I didn't expect someone to bail me out, I had to, to learn and grow as a person. Expect little and you will gain lots!
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    F4F, in another thread BFD made the remark that men mention how much they have not to give it away but to show how accomplished and what a good provider they can be. Doesn't mean after talking with them for a couple of weeks they are going to put you on the payroll, unless of cousre you could be their accountant or some other job in their business.
    Go for the man and the qualities of their personality not the dollars sign.
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    . . . and let me clarify that I was being sarcastic when I wrote that millionaires don't have to give to those "truly in need". Of course, those truly in need need donations. For example, the tsunami victims and people with unforeseen, traumatic events need help to which I do share some money or my time. But people who happen to dig holes too big to climb out of in my opinion is not "truly in need people". And to giving money to the homeless, well, I do that from time to time. I don't generally give money rather I offer the homeless a nice dinner with me on occasion only to be turned down. I've offered them to help me with jobs before I pay only to be turned down. Giving money to the homeless is not an act of generousity in most cases. It's an act of supporting someone's alcohol or drug habit. At least around here anyway.
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    Hi Sweetie....
    I think it's great that many of us know men in the seven figure bracket because, regardless whether we've reached that pinnacle yet ourselves, at least the gentlemen here know we aren't all "Pretty Women," poorer than Mother Theresa, looking for Richard Gere.

    And Alert? When you made your first million, did you find that people came out of the woodwork at you? I mean, have you developed a sort of "scam-dar" where you can sense when someone is only interested in you for your wealth, and you know how to avoid them? I've heard of people who achieved wealth and suddenly discovered they had relatives they'd never heard of before! Do you worry, when you date a woman, whether she's sweet as sugar but fertile as a rabbit? That would be another scary prospect for a prosperous man...

    I know I don't know you personally, Air Alert, but I've always wanted to ask a man of means if these things go through his mind. Ignore me if I'm being too invasive

    BTW - You're a really down-to-earth guy. Kudos to you.
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    Once again , KG, you've hit it right on. I was on a date with someone last week. We were standing talking at my car, when a homeless person came up and asked for money. He took out his wallet and gave her some money. I don't know if it was a 5,10, or 20. But it told me volumes about the man.....that he was willing to share, that he had compassion, and all that good stuff. BUT one thing to keep in mind, if you find someone with lotsa dollars in that situation where you see him refuse to help. Sometimes people with money can spot a scam better because they've been approached so often....or they're knowledgable about that type of person. Just a thought from lil ole me. I like to give them another chance.
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    Now katiegirl is right when alluding to the fact that some guys with money are stuck on themselves or paranoid. Some guys will think that a woman showing an interest in something such as cars (which he brought up) is fishing for gold. Those people need to wake up and realize that genuine women will try to show a genuine interest. Katiegirl seemed to like this guy and wanted to share a commonality. Some guys are way too proud and prejudice (that was good by the way) and those guys you should be able to read like a book. And the smart millionaires who aren't too pround can see right through someone with unrealistic expecations. On your next date, Fighting4Freedom, I wouldn't tell someone how much you "truly need". Show someone how much you are interested in them and maybe the good will will come.
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    Fight4Freedom, I am not sure clearly what your expectations are? Looks like you're looking for charity. Can you "spare a couple hundred?" Give me a break. Being a millionaire doesn't mean that we give handouts to people just because they may "truly [be] in need". The women and people I spend time with and my money on are women who I generally care about and who care about me. It makes me feel good to take a woman that I care about out for a nice meal or vacation because I know they're with me and not for ammenities. But being at a bar and somone knowing how much money I make doesn't entitle them to having me cover their check or mortgage. To make comments like we "don't know how to share" is ridiculous. Just because most on this site (males and females) have worked hard and earned their money doesn't mean we give it out just because you need a little help. And I don't think many of us joined to show off our money and reel the opposite sex in. Some may, but I don't think most do. You've got a pretty twisted mind if you think millionaires are just supposed to give their money away because someone asks for it.

    And I'm sorry that you "think the human race is a lost cause" just because you can't convince someone to give you money. We know who are genuine and who are not. You don't seem to want to solve your problems yourself. Seems like you want someone with money to solve them for you.
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    Freedom, it seems like you've had a bad experience personally. I hope that's not the case. I know many men who have millions and some I like and some I don't bother with. I find the true test of a good man, wealthy or not, is whether he will pass a homeless person with their hat out and either tell them to "get an
    'effing' job," or throw a $5 bill in the hat. And SMILE.

    I met a man at a silent auction last year where I had donated a wildlife painting and a collection of my books. He was a lawyer who bragged to me about how much money he made and how he could really help me market my books better. He said he had a Porsche Boxter or something and also raced Porsches competitively. He was cute, so I went home and researched Porsches on the Web. Next time he called me, I asked him questions about his cars, which one was fastest, which drove the smoothest, what the gas mileage was .... not because I wanted to get my hands on one! My curiosity couldn't fit in the Great Lakes! It's insatiable! I really wanted to be able to "talk" to him about something he loved.

    Well, the dork never called me again. Later a friend of ours said he ended the friendship because I was uncomfortabl\y interested in his car collection.

    Oh, get over yourself!!!! He blew a perfectly great opportunity to have fun with a great, funny girl, all because of his arrogance.

    Pride and Prejudice ... to the max!
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