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    thejadedragon write:
    i mean im here on this site because i want to find a soulmate real soon,

    is life getting so bad that you can't trust love anymore?

    so what do you think about people who come here with"different intentions"?

    People are supposed to have different intentions. Intentions are no different than any of the other characteristic that we, as people, posess that helps us express our individuality.

    The problem doesn't seem to be that people come here with different intentions. It's that they come here with different past experiences, expectations and defense mechanisms. People have different paces at which they choose to actively persue their hearts desire. Some may not even be aware of what that desire really is.

    Your questions suggest that you may be using the wrong bait. SoulMate and real soon used in the same sentence may possibly send the wrong signal to a would be suitor. Your terminology suggests that you are in a hurry,possibly carrying a lot of baggage, and aren't realistic about what kind of women, some men may expect to find hanging out on sites with such a title(MM). Afterall, does the title suggest anything about soulmates? Unless, of course, it's a prerequisite, that your soulmate has to be a millionaire. :)

    Remember that people reach different levels at different times. One's intentions are directly related to one's priorities. So I ask you "Do we have a right berate or belittle someone else's priorities, simply because they differ from our own?"
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  • View author's info Posted on Apr 23, 2006 at 10:56 AM

    i hope LOve still exist. i am looking for a true one too but it is so hard to find nowadays. you cannot love if you cannot trust. but it is so hard to trust people nowadays. that is the most sad part here.
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    Once I thought we can find love but now I believe it is impossible.
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