Why do people on here 'lie' about their age? Romance Forward to friends

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    Here's a trick....
    On my profiles on the sites I belong to, it says, "SHOW ME YOUR CURRENT PHOTO AND I'LL WRITE BACK! MINE ARE RECENT!"
    On other threads I've mentioned my opinion of "biological age" being just a number others use to judge you by. But, I think, if you show your "now" photo, and you look good and could pass for a younger age, and people contact you, and you finally meet and are not repelled by each other, then age doesn't matter anymore.
    Now, about a year and a half ago, I got an email from an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous guy who sent me a photo that looked like Mr. July 2004! So I asked him for other photos. I figured if he got this pic out of a magazine, there was a good chance he wouldn't be able to find several more of the same magazine model!
    Well, he sent me three more! All different and as beautiful as the first! We started MSN-ing, then talking on the phone, and I invited him to visit my city. He agreed. I waited all Saturday, with steaks marinating and wine chilling but he never showed. Next day he emails me, like nothing's happened, and sends me a dozen photos of him with a note saying, "Hey! Check out my new photos for my portfolio! I got them taken on Saturday!"
    He was at least ten years older! Still good-looking but definitely NOT the man he used to be when he was 23! And when I asked him what happened with him coming to visit, he said, "Oh my buddies came over after my photo shoot and invited me out clubbing and it sounded like more fun."
    So I imagine probably any people who lie about their age are trying to narrow the field of those who would reject them, and naturally we are all on here to MEET someone, so that would explain the lying .... but for gods sakes, tell lies that are feasible! If you aren't going to be straight up, at LEAST be able to fake it better! The only thing worse than a person telling a little white lie about themselves so t...
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    MM people lie about everything. Fake pictures, phony age, fake, fake, fake!
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