What Millionaire Men Want - My Perspective Dating Wealthy Men / Women Forward to friends

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    i believe your right on this subject of course being a man does help lol and having a few bucks probly helps also im a firm believer ladys are from mars men are from venus or is that the other way around lol i also think your right in the hottie conversation not just men but ladys feel if they have money it makes them better lookin well im here to say yikkkes ya way off base lol a hotties a hottie B_tt UGLYS b_TT UGLY no matter how much loot ya have i dont mean this to be mean but hey am i right or am i right !!! now that dosent mean uglys not attractive to some ive know a few not so great lookin men but there personalityS were such ya couldent help but lov em !! on the other hand im no great shakes but my friends think im adorable funny and cute (( to which they are probly always right lol so i tend to believe them lol ~~ well now that ive taken us so far off the track ill let you go to ponder ~~~~what the heck was she talking about lol~~~~
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    I still think possibly is because so many have been burned in our relationships so start to see all men/all women are the same...have to remind yourself sometimes not all men/women the same...though I kinda wonder what the percentages are...

    I can understand though why so many talk here so can at least get to know someone somewhat before end up meeting someone across with out knowing SOMETHING about them up front...

    Liars will show up in person as well online...but find, believe it or not, you can eventually figure people 'out' if been talking to them online for a bit...though flip side...we have heard the horror storied too of meeting someone on line...but only 1 in every 5 of my friends had a bad online dating issue, 2 have been married, another engaged...only 1 so far flew to meet somone and got stuck by a pyscho female and needed to have us send him money to get him home...
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    Your posting is as good as it gets!!

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