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    floridian4ever write:

    Hi Hottie. It's a dating site. This is a forum with interaction on a variety of topics. One thing it does is let people see more about one another's personality than their profile ever could make apparent. In some cases, something someone posted will cause someone else to take an interest in them. And the reverse is also true.
    I think if you look deeper, you'll find that religion is a vast topic and can include some very interesting subjects. From paranormal, UFO's, clairvoyance, health and healing, philosophy, ethics, history, law, and most of the things we participate with in everyday life have religious roots because historically, government and religion were closely tied and even one in the same. Religion includes the conflict in the middle east, concerns with death, even sex.
    So I think while you might not care much for discussing the bible or it's cast of characters, almost certainly there are some topics that fall under religion that you would enjoy, or even find fascinating.

    From reading this section, there are several members on here that I would almost call "privy", as they have been exposed to information that isn't typically taught or understood, and some great wisdom is there, if someone would just ask the right question.

    It seems a bunch have had first hand experiences with phenomena and/or rubbed elbows with people that had special abilities that some might classify as paranormal, others as divine endowment or enlightenment. Certainly we are already hearing second hand accounts of remarkable findings documented in books whose authors who did a great deal of research and back up their claims.

    At the very least, if you have no interest in your origin, the nature of life, what will happen when you die, and how it might be affected by decisions you make everyday, you will at some time in your life. Most people do.

    If you can get past the word "religion" and the negative stigma the word often has, I don't think you can find a more fascinating topic. There's a reason why so many intellectuals are posting in this topic area. It's an area that in part is unexplored, has a lot of info that is undisseminated, lost, and recently recovered. The intelligent folks are forever seeking answers or putting their own understanding up for scrutiny.
    What one learns in a forum covering this topic just might save or change your life. It's that good. At the very least, it shows some of us who is compatible in mind or highlights some real intelligence. Who does not seek THAT in a mate, perhaps even a top 3 criteria. Did I tell you I think you are cute?

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    Well said BFD!!
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