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    Reading these posts tells me that we all feel the same sense of loss, of injustice, and of sadness that Terri was treated as she was. No one deserves that, and I know the family has had a terrible time with it all. I'm sorry for the Shindlers and the Shiavos and for all concerned, and sorry too, that things got so twisted around.....I would not be surprised to see something done in regard to a bill to intervene in cases like this in future........only time will tell, but that's what seems to happen in America these days. Terri, God Bless You and Keep you....what a sad week....Terri and now Pope John Paul.....in heaven now, we know. What a great man he was. He'll be missed. so very much around the world.
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    part two

    Make the decision for your loved ones so they don't have to do it for you.
    They may not be able to make the decision you likely would like.
    I am 44 years old, I have a living will, advanced directives and I am a No Code. My family agrees as well. Do it while YOU have the choice.

    Every day is a gift.
    Live every day as if it were your last, and you will have no regrets.

    It is a great honor to care for those courageous souls.
    I think there must be a special place where they go after such suffering.
    This is too long a post,
    but someday ask me about the angels I have seen.....
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    What has happened to Terry most recently in the news is not something that is unique to her case.
    I am a nurse as well, and I have worked in many areas of heath care.
    I cannot begin to descibe all of the horrifict states I have seen a human being in. In one instance a woman had only her body from the bottom of her ribs up, ALL of her vital organ were shoved up into her chest.. A tube for feeding, and surgially manufactured exits from what remains of waste.....alive we can keep them alive. At what costs, and I am not talking of money.
    One unit I had a beautiful man, until you looked at the other side of his head which happened to be missing. tubes go in tubes go out.. a trach hooked to a respiration will keep you alive for ever.

    The next bed over another beautiful soul lay. a 21 year old young man lay in a puddle of his own sweat.
    Victim of an MVA, no seat belt roll-over with a devastating closed head injury. The injured area included the area of the brain the autonomic nervous system. His body was in constan neurological "storms" it was no longer able to regulate his body temp. Constant sezuires racked his body. The pictures on the wall were of a high school football player, senior year, helmet in hand. Mom at his side homecoming, proms.
    No one comes to see his emaciated, bedsore ridden body, or to hold his hand. No one but the nurse who packs him in ice, pumps the morphine, valium, ativan and 20 other drugs into his tourtured body.
    Nobody but the nurse loves him now as he is, that respects him for who he was, and treats him as such, with the dignity he deserves and should have received with death.

    The moral of the story is not "wear your seat belt"
    or " don't walk off a 40 ft porch because you are stupid and drunk".

    the moral of the story is that everyone when they reach leagal age should have living wills and advanced directives, because there are worse things than death.
    lucky so luck
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    That we can put a criminal to death more humanely than we can someone we love to me is one of the greatest injustices of the world. It is something perhaps that hopefully due to this highly public case that perhaps more lawmakers will look into.

    I agree that this is highly personal to everyone on an individual belief level.. and there is no right or wrong. I come from a standard that you cannot know how someone feels understand their views unless you know their story, and frankly no one has lived the hell teri's family has, only they have. Each side is out to prove their 'side', so of course the media and things being the way they are we only see what we are chosen to see. I personally have had the hell of having to deal with family members unsure of how to handle a loved ones situation. Luckily enough my mother had a living will so i had the ability to say enough.. but for everyone who thinks this was easy on michael.. keep in mind how many times you have seen someone who is in a vegetative state and said something to the effect of 'thank god that isn't me, i wouldn't want to live like that' or some other similar statement... these things come back to peoples minds when they are faced in this kind of situation.. keep in mind that man lost his wife to an eating disorder ( which i'm not even going to touch on the politics of) and instead of just losing her.. he too got thrust into a horrible life path.. something no one would ever chose, but is thrust into.. he is doing what he feels his wife would have wanted.. much easier to divorce her on grounds of her condition than to force himself into the 'villian' role and fight to do what he felt she wanted...

    and yes i feel for the family, i've watched my mother struggle for breath.. knowing a machine could keep her alive and that it was her wish for her to not have to end up that way.. but it didn't make it any easier to stand there and watch.. my heart aches for anyone who has to go through it.. and in the famil...
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    I don't have a living will, but please mm friends, if I ever have to be a vegetable please make this my official verification that I do not want to survive by artificial means. I am being serious and my heart went out to Terry Schaivo. She used to be so pretty and maybe this will be a lesson for people that have anorexia. One day she was fine and the next, she lived a nightmare. We should thank God everyday how blessed we are. I am glad Terry is in a better place now without suffering. Soon the pope will be holding her hand.
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    I've had many conflicting thoughts about Terri Shiavo and what she and the family went through.....I do think it wrong for the government to step into a private matter like this...and what a man and wife say to one another is private, so whether to believe Michael or not...well, it could be either way. This all went on much too long. Yet I admire her family for their strength of purpose and their refusal to give up. I would hope to have someone love me that much! The past few days I have listened to so much about Terri that it was overwhelming....when it came right down to it, I just feel an incredible sense of sadness that something like this has to happen. There's no way to know the truth in what anyone has said, so I guess it's good that Terri is at peace now. It's too bad the rest of us aren't; this whole thing was very unsettling.
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    where is it in writing that this husband claims she said she didnt want to be kept alive by feeding tube or breathing machines? i havent heard any of this yet. they are just going to take the word of the husband, who is not a blood relative to this poor woman, and make her die, and her poor family has no say in how she lives or dies? for gods sakes, the mother brought her in the world and still has no say on how she lives out the rest of her life. how sad is this world? i hope i never end up to where i cannot tell someone something, they will kill me for sure, just so they can get my hospital bed for some other poor sap, no doubt.
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