From Russia with what? Long Distance Relationship

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    Dear Friend,

    I can tell you that most Russian women asking money for visa, passport, air ticket are scams. That is the sad reality. I don't know how you met her, but it's better to go through an agency that can check her out. Also, you can send her flowers or a letter and determine if she has a real address. And you can try to talk to her over the phone. If you have done all that and it checks out, I would go there. there are also several agencies (mini detective type firms) that can check her out for a small fee. That could save you a lot of money in the long run. How do I know all this. I was scammed. You can also check her out on the fraud lists for Russian woman. Also, if she gets a visa as many are counterfits, you can email the U.S. embassy and they will tell you by the serial number if the visa is valid.
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    Thank u ,Linda!
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    Unfortunately it is true,girl from Russia cannt afford no ticket,no visa ,no hotel spending.She reALLY NEEDS TO BE LUCKY TO GET A GOODHEARTED MAN TO ESCAPE HER .WE are happy to live in America,the best country in a world.
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    With all respect...If u are really interested in her,go visit her and then apply for visa .U never know,if u dont try your happines.
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    I also can't imagine a Russian nowdays who can't afford 700 or 900 dollars airticket. It's just stupid. not too much money for happy trial. And visa in total is about 150 dollars. Forget her. She will bring you a lot of trouble in future.
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    fitnfla write:
    how does one protect themselves from a scam. i hav a lady from russia who wants to come visit me. she wants me to pay for here vis and travel ticket. how do i know its for real and wont get scammed. what can i do to protect myself.


    just say know ha ha, everyone wants a green card ...
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    Dear Karla!

    I must say that I am so grateful to you for such words you have said here on protection of Russian women - from kind and warm, human been heart. We all are the same in the world, but our condition of living are different. All of us want to love and be loved, to be happy, fullfilled and secure in our personal life. I am feeling sorry for those people who are first looking for worse in the person with whom he potentially are planning to create a serious relations - as really strong relationship is based on mutual trust and care. I will tell that I had a sad experience with Western man for whom I paid as he promissed to give me money back and it did not happen eventually - so, what? it was his problem of personality - not mine. But I still believe in people and that there are genuine men are existing. Thank you very much again - for words of fairness and for bright heart. I wish you to find in life great happiness in everything. Irina. Moscow
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    There is an easy answer excist... fly over to her and chect it out!

    Good luck,
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    In regards to "all russian gals are scams". I got the feeling that all of this hate, heat and stinky dirt flying around cause they are Russians; if those gals were from China or Spain or ect else then some of you will go much easier. Let me remind you that 95% of you have a true Russian roots, mostly from Ukraine or Belaruss and so on.Talk to your grand or grand-grand parents if they care to take a honest pride that they came from the country with richest culture and history ever. That's one. Second, I have many stories when spanik and china gals are fishing a wealthy men around the world and sure giving them hell of the hard time, leaving them with nothing, but their socks.That's second. No one knows that? I'm sure you do. Third, our tv movies american made showing us all including our kids examples of createst american made and born scams - familiar with famous "american phyco"? or "inside man"? or "thelma and loiuse"? and millions more even better some of them are based on a true stories- what is that compare to one poor Russian gal that could not afford to buy herself a ticket to experience our " BIG american dream". I just feel sorry for her since she got involved with such unsecure man.Gosh! No one knows the gal, however she already got smush to deads-- shame on you people:( So far as classic goes: from Russia with LOVE- so be it!
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    marriage has to be only for love, but when you know you loved you have to be sure you love too, othewise terrible consequences lead through many generations, trust me i know
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    Do you guis know how many ladyes went abroad for their own money and did not meet amyone it the best case, and got into trouble in the usual one? Why doe's not enyone talk about this? Or should I create a topic:"from US with what"for example,where the unpleasant truth would be discussed that it's only russias that don't waste time for internet games because still have healthy mind?That russian women are not used to perverts and don't expect a man to be one.
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    let me tell you my story.An american-greec man have been talking to me on the phone for 6 month every day 1 hour in the morning on 1 hour in the evening when I was in Russia.(i'm russian-japanese and have relatives in Rusia).I invited him to Russia,he refused many times and insisted me to come to Greece. Insisted to pay for my tickets,called to a russian travel agency many times. when it came to the payment he talled me he was sending money to the agency,again and again.And When I go to the agency or call they show the politiness in to hide the annoyance,say they did not receive anymoney.Finally he sent money to a wrong account(on purpose),and sent a bank payment document to me,To show that"he payed".So his money got back to him. Hi did it all for his self-intertainment, for some pervertic joy,and out of being a pityful coward.For me it was:spoiled nervs,as I was embarassed in the agency because they thought it was me who was playing, big annoyance as I new from the early begining that he was playing.The only thing I could not understand why is a person can spend lots of money for the phone-calls(I was in Russian FarEast,in the boarder with Japan,really far away from US),2hours dayly on the phone for 6 month is equal to 20 return tickets to Greece.I suspected that even this fact didn't logically lead to"he was serious".Because I've been around and know that only russian coulture "I will do it"means I will do it.In other coulters "I will do it" does not mean anything.It can only mean some meaningless game.But he insisted asking me to come to the agency again and again,to change a hotel or an islan,so on.Just Imagin:I was exremely annoyed after such a long time of dealing witha "neverman"+ the agency tryed to pinalise me,because they already booked the hotels on the islands on my name impossible to cancel.So, who is a scam? What did i do wrong?I invited him to russia, he refused,I connected him with the agency never asking to send money to me, and what finally?
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    To"instar":it was not scam, just you are not genleman
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    To all of you guis. Noticed one thing: those who visited Russia say only god things and all the stupid stuff is coming from people who has no idea about this country or the loosers who only visited the worse places in Russia and dated the low class girls because that's all they can get and efford.And also:similar things attract each other. Means you must have something similar inside,may be affraid to realise. And..let me see who else..oh! sure!-english girls! Ever won "miss universe"?Or ever been famus for being smart ? As for as I heared from the travellers from all over the warld you guis are famous for differnt stuff, and that's not good fame. Sorry to say the trooth.
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    I womder if some people are serious comparing Russia and Thailand or calling Russia a poor country.Sounds like a person's lack of education.All the best.
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    LawyerNY write:
    Don't do that! Russian want only for one reason in the US USE YOU!
    I'm a lawyer in NYC, I know a lot of clients who was married to Russian women and can pay now alimony and child support. 99% for sure she didn't care about you, she'll use you! And after 2 yrs you'll think about me. BE WARNED!


    For a while I thought that Russioan women, well, Eastern Europeans in general, had more morals and values, and thats the woman that I wanted to marry......when I was broke!

    Now that I have success, its the LAST woman that I would marry...As a lawyer, you may agree with this...Because of the culture difference, she could claim very easily, I may add, that she didn't understand the terms of the papers (prenup) she signed before she got married, and you would NOT be able to enforce the prenup...

    Hence...Congradulations on giving someone that you knew for a few months a permanent and lucrative vacation...
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    If you like her, don't be cheap...Invest a couple grand into her ticket and see what happens....If it works, then great...If not, then you are out a few steak dinners....big deal..., right..?

    And if you like her enough to bring her here, then if it doesn't work out, the $2000 for the plane will be the part that you are the least upset about, anyways...
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    Do not do it.I had the same thing happen to me,as soon as I told her I would not pay for the tickets.I did not hear from her again.I knew it was a scam.
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    it's so funny to see as adult people estimate another people(women in this case) like only bad or good one. Nonsense!
    The world is colorful, not only black&white. Also women as well as men from Russia or America aren't only pink angels or guileful devils. we are all DIFFERENT, clever or not much, generous or practical, romantical or down-to-the-earth, or mixed... we all imagine Life in our own way, especially if we are from the different cultures...

    And if your'd like to know somebody you have to spend your time, you have to feel Love and turn on your brain in the same time...

    Reading forums, I could say:
    90% men from Am and Eur dread to be scammed on account of money...
    90% women from Rus, FSU are afraid to be scammed on account of feelings...

    Which of two does hurt deeper????

    Don't spare yourself in effort to find love, wherever she(he) lives.....
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