From Russia with what? Long Distance Relationship Forward to friends

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    There are very interesting advice on the scam and Russian women at russianwomendiscussiondotcom, I mean their forum section. People there are really very helpful.
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    Do not do it.I had the same thing happen to me,as soon as I told her I would not pay for the tickets.I did not hear from her again.I knew it was a scam.
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    it's so funny to see as adult people estimate another people(women in this case) like only bad or good one. Nonsense!
    The world is colorful, not only black&white. Also women as well as men from Russia or America aren't only pink angels or guileful devils. we are all DIFFERENT, clever or not much, generous or practical, romantical or down-to-the-earth, or mixed... we all imagine Life in our own way, especially if we are from the different cultures...

    And if your'd like to know somebody you have to spend your time, you have to feel Love and turn on your brain in the same time...

    Reading forums, I could say:
    90% men from Am and Eur dread to be scammed on account of money...
    90% women from Rus, FSU are afraid to be scammed on account of feelings...

    Which of two does hurt deeper????

    Don't spare yourself in effort to find love, wherever she(he) lives.....
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    I havnt been here for a year and people are still talking about poor russian women! Unfortunately lots of the same people - so they still havnt met anybody!
    Stop talking people and start mahaging your life!
    Good luck on your search!
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    to fitnfla:

    It is possible to receive the business visa, and also tourist, if
    a woman will give the information on presence of well paid work, the remained child or the real estate (apartment or home), or a husband.
    I believe, you should receive from the stranger whom you wish to invite: a home telephone number and a x-copy of the passport.
    If you do not trust her, you should arrive for the first meeting...
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    to fitnfla
    does she asking you for money or travel ticket?
    if you afraid- don't try


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    Interesting topic. The reality is that in the USA there are many people who came from different countries. And if you wish you can find intelligent women who are in the USA already. I know many Russian professional women who came to the USA and other countries, they are wonderful, beautiful, intelligent - and single.

    If you want to get a bride from a foreign country than it is better for you to go there. But it is a myth that Russian women wish to stay home. They are very well educated and for sure they want to apply that. And they are not poor, believe me. It depends on their social level.
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    having done business in russia for 10 years, i can say that the economic situation has changed and that russian women are unlikely to have great economic difficulties and are much less ready to leave the country, especially if they live in moscow or peterburg. but still it is hard for such a woman to get a visa so If you want to meet one; go there.

    but as russian women told me a number of times, there are no miracles in this life. If you can find a sexy young russian women, then you should be able to find a sexy young american one with the same amount of difficulty.

    as to american women, they are in great demand, at least in america and they know it.
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    You can never tell that for sure, I think. There are a lot of mean man and women who will play with your heart and break it. The way you can check that she is not fooling you I think is to contact the russian travel agency personally and maybe they will help you - she will bring her docs there they will se if she matches with the photo that she sent you and other data. Also, they will be interested in getting money that is why they will tell you if she asks about the way she can get cash instead of tour and stuff - in that case you will know she is lying. Hope your russian girlfriend is not mean, hope she is really looking for love. Good luck!

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    Americans, Germans, French men ......
    leave Russian girls alone- they are too good for you! you deserve women from your countries- All men want Russian girls- and women from America,Germany and so on- they wish they were Russian! You want go to Russia find young pretty girl 15-20 years younger then you/at least/ - why? These Russian girls know why... They are not serious or sincere because you/all those men/not honest and sincere about your intentions- they make fun of all these loosers - they use'em and leave 'em. Russian women can get ANY men from ANY country - can American woman do the same? OR ugly German girls or else? Russian girls just want to have fun with all these idiots- who will spend last dime on them... Look for a good woman in YOUR country!!! There are many,MANY!!!good women in USA- but why nobody wants them? That is a different question and Russian girls are NOT the reason...
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    Confucius say: Man who want pretty nurse, must be patient:).
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    Guys, dont be silly!... Any US Embassy wouldnt issue a visa to the sindle girl!...The chances she could get it are close to zero... In any case she should prove that she has not any immigration intentions... Dont think that guys at the Embassy are stupid... They can spot those birds from the first look... There are only two chances to meet her

    First - you go to Russia.
    The second - to meet on neutral ground...

    That is all... Believe me - I am Russian girl, married to American... If I only knew what pain in the butt is awaiting for us, on this way, I would think twice...

    Okay, I have to say that I madly in love with my husband and he is not a millionaire...And I am not desperate green card hunter...LOL...

    Well, feel free to contact me if you want more information about real things... scam s**t you can find on scam sites.
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    It is best you do not pay for her but rather visit and a few times to see what is going on. I say this from experience my father was from the Ukraine and I grew up knowing some of these scams that go on, so be very careful is all I can say to you. All relationships take time and there is nothing that can come out of rushed or arranged there is too many heart breaking stories to attest to this. Not all women from there are bad of course nor all men from the US or Canada wonderful or saviours either. Just be careful is all.

    Best of luck I hope you find what you are seeking.

    Merry christmas to everyone and all the best in the coming New Year-07
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    Hi, this sounds familier, I also have a lady in Russia who wants to visit me, does the name lucky19802006 or lady19802006 mean anything to you, i have a feeling we could be the victim of a scam!!! Best regards Priceandrew
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    I will agree with Alice!
    God, I could never understood this attitude to Russia and Russian women.
    So funny!
    Why are you that sure that Russian ladies need only green card and money from you? Why are you so sure that the most of them are poor?
    I will say that when you work for multinationals here in Moscow, you can get much more than in Europe and USA!

    My good friend has married an American guy and it happened that she was more wealthy than he;) Funny. He worked at top management position and she only owned an apartment in Moscow (now it costs like a little house in the USA..)

    I will say that our problem is our men. What to do with them? Really, lots of them do not care of family values, have some side stories when being married... Sometimes drink too much. I will say that this is the reason why Russian ladies would like to meet a gentleman from Europe and USA.

    And if to talk about buying tickets or arranging visa for your Russian girlfriends... If you are not sure, just ask for her passport information and order the ticket for her to pick it up in Moscow. In this way you will feel protected - if she wants to cheat you, she will hardly reply after it. And by the way, American tourist visa still can be issued for a single Russian lady, believe me. Normal people (and not only monsters:) are working at the American Embassy in Moscow.

    Best regards and good luck
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    That is the OLDEST SCAM in the books, the classic visa / plane tickets scam. It's virtually impossible for a single woman to get a tourist Visa.
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    There are NO legitimate offers...come on...this is 100% scam city...100% guaranteed! It is likeley a guy!
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    check her out on the scam sites.
    I have just had the same thing hapen to me when I serched to find wher she lived bells started to ring and ther she was all her photos that she sent and the same e-mails to 10 different people all her only love

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  • View author's info Posted on Nov 13, 2006 at 05:15 PM

    I think... that if you think there's the possibility of a scam then regardless of any logistical concerns you don't have a solid enough foundation to bring her over here.

    As for the plane ticket you can prepay for a ticket that can not be cashed in, its either used by the passenger or lost. You may be able to cash it in as the purchaser after a certain amount of time... I just don't remember the rules.

    The visa is a different issue, consult with an attorney specializing in immigration. Get your own facts.
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    I see the fight is going on.. Interesting....Nothing can change the fact that many people meet on line every day and many of them are far from each other...What is the difference if you are both on the different ends of the line east-west or north-south?... Your nationality doesn't make you happy... The love can make you happy.. If a man is interested in a woman from the other country it is not the best thing to be a keyboard Romeo.... go and sniff the ground yourself...

    And talking about money... What do you care more about? About losing your money or breaking your heart? Better to be honest... Yes, when you become close to the woman and care about her
    sending her money, for example (by the way if you buy a ring for your sweetheart it cost some money too) and it occurred that she is not a lovely Natasha but Fat Yuri, that is VERY disappointing. The same thing when you meet the young beauty falling in love with you immediately and in 2 years, after you bring her in US, she is running away with a young macho, it is very disappointing too...

    But if you met a woman with whom you want to live the rest of your life? Is there the predjustice which prevents you to make the next step?

    There are more questions then the answers... I just wish all of you to be wise and listen to your heart and intuition... it always works...

    Good luck to all of you.
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