First love and heartbroken Romance

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    I wish there was a simple answer as to why men turn cold when walking away. At 38, I have yet to begin to figure out why "nice" men suddenly go bad. I can tell you, however, that it is nothing you did or didn't do. The issue is with this particular young man. Things he will have to sort out by himself ( and if he is just chasing wild ones then by himself is where he is always going to be cause wild ones get bored real quick.
    I am sorry that you have experienced such heartache at a young age. The pain does lessen and you will be just fine. And, just stay yourself. If you start changing for others, your entire life will be wrapped up trying to be what others wish of you.
    You will find REAL love again :)

    Take care
    Adrianna :)
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    Oh geez Sweetie, you do bring back alot. How long does it take to mend a broken heart?'s a greiving someone died only in this case it was your heart and the dreams you had with this......person.

    He lied to you and played's a hard thing to realize and understand. But guys that age only think with one head and not the upstairs one!

    Your very young, and no not all men want some wild woman. They want a lady they can take home to their mom, who is loving and supportive but has their own life too.......and maybe in the bedroom can be a little wild but they have to know where the on buttons are on you. And at 16-18 they don't!

    Take a breathe, finish high school then go to college and become something you like, to support you. In the meantime, date, have fun, but don't get serious with anyone......until your ready.

    Maybe in a month, maybe in a few years, everyone is different. But feel better knowing this has happened to almost every woman at some point, until she learns to expect more from the man she is with.
    Number one to be a man, then have honour, integrity, compassion as well as passion for others and life in general.
    Try to let this go and know there are good men out there, just have to kiss a lot of frogs first!

    If you'd like to email me to chat or something , I'm here .
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