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    IB thank you, I take that as a compliment. I've always considered myself like the 'girl next door.' There's a lot to be said about women like us. And I think everyone is special in her/his own way. You seem like a great lady, and I just get a kick out of your posts over on the...well, you know which thread I'm talking about lol. Starts with an 'R' :-D
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    Thanks, BBD, hotmama, S4 etc for the nice comments about me.

    I think we are all beautiful, each in a unquie individual way. Saks, has the fortune of being in the model beautiful, but Steel reminds me of the lovely "girl next door" as does BBD.

    So let's just accept each other for who we are, and don't slam one another for not being up to YOUR standard of beauty. It may not be theirs or even the guy interested in them.

    Some guys do want that "model/actress" beauty but others want the girl nextdoor. To each their own.
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    TomiGirl, well I think you are a wonderful person in many ways, and you deserve a great guy and I believe you'll find him too.
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    TomiGirl & BBD, yep my fiery spirit is what takes me from this day to the next. And thanks for your compliments. I once started to post an article in the health section about eating disorders. At 16 I had anorexia. This was long before it had even been discussed in the media or talk shows. The general public didn't even know about it yet. It wasn't until years later that I knew what it was.

    Young girls judge themselves by what society says is beautiful, and I bought into it. That's because I was very young and impressionable. Took years to finally learn to love & accept myself and be happy with who I am. I feel my best feature is my heart, which has gotten me into more fixes lol. But that's okay. I'd rather be someone who cares and has some depth to me. That's real.
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    TomiGirl, thanks for understanding what I did mean. I really am not jealous of anyone. I just try to state my opinion like everyone else does. If I happen to say it in the wrong way, or seem overbearing, well please forgive me. I know I'm not considered beautiful by today's standards, and I will be the first to say that I was not born naturally intelligent as some were, but I've accepted what I have been given and I've learned to be happy with it.

    I know everyone has different opinions about things and of course we are all different. That's the way it's supposed to be. And honestly, Saks and 1HM have something about them I admire. They have a fiery spirit that can get them through the tough times in life.
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    Girls....I'm not jealous of either one of you, nor am I angry, insecure, or any of those other negative word descriptions you assumed to bestow upon me. I am a very secure and happy person actually : ) I stated my opinion regarding how I felt Indium acted nicely in her approach on this forum, and she got a positive reception for it. You can take it any way you want, doesn't matter to me.

    And Saks(yes, I mentioned your name too), believe me, you give yourself way too much credit. There's nothing more unattractive, in both men and women, when they brag on themselves. It's tacky, no other word for it. Everyone is attractive in their own way Saks, no matter what you happen to think. I just think when a person is purposely rude to another person for no apparent reason, that just makes them ugly, plain and simple.
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    Before I say anything I want to say this isn't about envy or claws or whatever.It is simply an observation based on reading these MB..Forum..things for a while now.There is a word that we still value here in the I'm not trying to fight a war over that's just tradition..that word is grace.I have always known that you can tell someone the unvarnished truth without hurting someone.Being graceful and dignified about telling the truth entails doing so with as little pain to the other as possible.I would think a person with a good heart would want to do that...I would.Grace..dignity...class..aren't a product of wealth,beauty or anything tangible.However,it is very evident in the way someone conducts themselves in a public here...You either have it...or you don't.As beauty fades,and it does,these are the qualities that mean the most to me...
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    Saks, isn't it funny though how Indium got such a positive and friendly response here on MM? Even from the ladies here. Whereas, you got plenty of attention alright, but it wasn't the kind of attention I'd call popular. What does that tell you? It tells me and the others here that Indium is a nice person, inside and out. You could learn something from her, even though she's younger than you. I can't speak for anyone else except myself on this next point, but there is nothing about you to be jealous of. Now, Indium is the REAL competition.
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    Did the gay Bobster leave and turn into the gorgeous Bob11? What is UP with that?
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    Indium, MM cut off most of my last post on this section. What it was SUPPOSED to say, is that maybe Saks was being rude to you because she's jealous of you. *Thanks MM for making it sound that I meant something otherwise.*
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    Indium...child you are as beautiful inside...I you are on the outside...and that makes you more beautiful.I see other beauty here...marred by a nasty sounding names...and I begin to see unattractive things in a face that first struck me as beautiful...funny how that works huh?I would say good luck girl but I expect they will be falling over themselves to get to you...LMAO..what a are a sweety.
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    Indium, the reason Saks made an ugly remark about you is very simple...
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    Gee Indium_Blue, I read your profile and I didn't seen anything about a call girl business. I geusee Saks5th has you mixed up with someone else. Actually, I liked your profile. It sounds like you have lived life and know exactly who you are. Not only that but I have read some of your postings and you handle yourself with class. GO GIRL!!!
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    Bobster2005, it's people like you that are the reason the gay & lesbian lifestyle still has such a stigmatism attached to it, and many still don't accept you. No one cares if you're gay or not, but we do care when you sit here posting nasty remarks, and sexual innuendos to straight men like BFDeal. I hope BFDeal has read your post, and that it turned his stomach enough to report your stupid azz to MM. I hope they kick you off the site. Why? Besides the obvious, the rest of us have the right not to have your sexual preferences in our face the way you're presenting it on the mb. You could be decent about it.
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