Babeat46 is a fake: her name is Sandra Romance

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    By the way...whatever human,I assume,is making these uhh..hmm silly statements,where are your testicles?Too scared to say it loud and proud...proclaim it with your name up front...pleased that you uncovered such a nefarious conspiracy to...uh....let's see..go to a lot of trouble for nothing?Defrauding the good,intelligent men of MM.Actually I believe,in a round about way,you are telling everyone on MM they are too stupid to spot a fake.Not only that...but so stupid they wouldn't GET IT that if I was gonna fake a profile I would make myself a monster georgeous female,who is NOT 47.You really believe the folks on this site are that stupid?On second thought,if I were you I wouldn't want my name attatched to such an idiot theory.LOL....haven't had this much fum in.....well since night before last.
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    Ummm...Sandra, Hermelda, Isabel...whatever name you want to call's just fiiiiiiiine with me.
    You just keep on keeping on baby!! ; )

    But in all it just the time of year for the whack jobs to come out of the woodwork or what?
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