Are there any Christian men on this site? Newcomer Introduction

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    I'm a Christian man, just not a Christian millionaire. Thanks for the e-mail. I'm rickj9926 at the Y.
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    Doctor x what do you know? I am a christian man and I have no problem with the ladies. Religious compatibilty can be as important, as anything in a relationship. Compatibity is what really matters. Oppossites attract, but likes usually last longer. Christianity promotes alot of good morals, as does any religion that promotes a moralic lifestyle.
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    am basically looking for someone who shares the same attributes and principles as myself. I'm open to race and culture.I love a man who has his own style and a certain swagger about himself. A little eccentric and quirky is cool as well because I fit into that category. But I must say that I have a "thing" for my Natty Dreads (Big-Up). Gurls with a pleasant spirit and smile to match. Someone book smart as well as street smart. I love intellectually stimulating conversations. Someone who can drop that science and knowledge on me & isn't afraid to embrace what I may have to give to him in return. You must like to laugh, love & live life to the fullest. Be at least Spiritual. Please believe that there is a "Higher Power". Must like kids. They are first priority & everything I do.
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    Christian women are great ..But I do have a hard time with Goerge w Bush
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