I Need Advice Romance Forward to friends

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    I am 24 ever since I was a kid I always fell in love with girls from the age of 4-up.
    But the thing is I never had enough courage to ask a girl out when I got older. And the older I got the more seperated I got from the girls and the more nervous I got when around them. Especially the ones I liked. I never dated a girl before.

    I live at one of the Job Corps campuses, and people here that has dates on campus has dates off campus. And I am not that type of person that would cheat on other people like that.
    I feel pretty bad because about this one woman (classmate of mine), because we have been in the same class for several of months, Liked her alot but I thought she had a boyfriend so I tried not to get too close to her. But however she is the only woman that can make me smile, by just saying my name.

    When I found out she was single just a few weeks ago, all I did was think about her all day every day. And I get more fustrated, just thinking about her alot.

    She is like a friend but sometimes I feel like there is more than just friendship in our relationship, like she tried to play around with me once, when one of my friends that new I liked her and was friends with her was playing around with her and me that he was trying to hook us up. She then said friend else liked me. But this someone else has a boyfriend.

    When I am not busy all I can do is think about her, especially when she talks to me sometimes.

    I even asked one of my best friends who is also in that class to ask that lady if she liked me more than just as a friend, and my best friend said she didn't like me any more than a friend.

    Should I take my male friends advice and step up to the plate and ask her myself? I am hoping to be alone with her sometime soon so I can ask her that. But I get nervous.

    Like I said before I think about her all day every day, on weekends I have to go off campus with my friends to try to stop thinking about her but all I can do mostly is talk about her.
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    I give advise......lol
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    Why is this post not showing now?
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