Are people really serious about finding their true love? Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    we all must find a patience. men are more undecisive then women.
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    I do think that there are a combination of both on this and many other sites. You have those that are serious about looking for that "special someone" but are afraid for whatever reason to actually take that step forward..I won't know if your a match until you make that move. Then there are others and I have noticed this alot, that set their expections so high (don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with knowing exactly what you want) that they are either looking for someone that doesnt exist (nobody is perfect..okay I can pretend to be at times LOL) or they are interested in dating someone clearly from the eye candy point of view and in the long run those are the ones who will never be happy because they have based their so called "finding true love" on something that is only skin deep. I am no millionaire but I would want someone to love me not only for whats on the outside but whats on the inside as well.

    Another thing I don't understand (mind you Im not as concerned with whether one is a millionaire or not if I have common interests and enjoy anothers company) is why if you are trying to find someone who is looking for a true relationship would you put on your site that you are a "certified" millionaire and then put in your profile that you are looking for someone to care about you for more than just money?. I'd just be happy with someone who has a job or has the means to support themselves instead of scrounging (SP?) off of others.
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    Yes.  Many of us are serious and some are just out to play.   It takes time and it could be another site where love is found.  Good luck.

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    Yes, I have walked down the aisle in the supermarket; love never jumps out at me in the produce section. I find that they always look at me from a distance and even then they are not sure. You may dance the tango or jump up and down in a spastic fashion but they never seem to see what is really there. It is just something they see on TV and not in real life. If people truly wanted to find their true love they would have the strength to go up and talk to them, I think we are all cowards sometimes.
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    is this what you feel? seems you are speaking right from your your views!!!

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    awwh, that is so sweet sweet,wink...
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    When you find this special love,he or she will stop you in your tracks.You will not be able to fall a sleep at night because you will not be able to get them out of your mind.You will want to spend every waking moment with this special love.This kind of chemistry or connection comes infrequently in everyones life,so if you find this special love you should hold it cherish it and live the rest of your life with the love of your life.

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    I am looking for him, kinda...i want this, i don't like to be a lone, i am old fashion and i want what my mom and dad have, so , yes, people do want this, i do....
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    cupcake28 write:
    Get a lot of looky loos, is anyone serious about finding that one special love?

    Hi Cupcake!

    I most definitely am serious about finding that special "one". It can make life so much more enjoyable when you've got a fantastic mate to share it with.

    I'm a true romantic & look at this site as just another venue to potentially meet someone, I'm not really into the bar scene so why not try the internet. I have friends that have been married 50 years & it is truly a pleasure watching the two of them together. They are each other's best friends, can't wait to see each other & share the day's events, they respect each other, make decisions together & always have a smile for each other. They still hold hands & cuddle after all these years, & I think to myself "I want that!".

    Good luck in your search too.
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    jointhejourney write:

    cupcake28 write:
    Get a lot of looky loos, is anyone serious about finding that one special love?

    I have a number of personal friends (who are great guys) that are on various dating sites. They are open to the idea of finding that special person, but they are not on a mission with a deadline. For them the dating sites are a supplement to their other social activities that can lead to meeting someone great.

    It's likely that a lot of the men (and women) here feel the same way.

    Its a dance and you just walked into the room . . . .

    What a nice way of putting it...and so true!
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    As serious as going to the supermarket and picking up our daily groceries and peeking at new products and tasting the promoted items..if we like them we try them and if they are not as good as promised we don't miss them..
    It is the 'mass-produced culture' of love and match enjoy going down the aisle in your trolley of pick'n
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