What are you most proud of? Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    I get the sense that the key to communication seems to be in these forum/message boards. I wanted to post this question because I believe that if you really want to understand and get to know someone quickly - find out what they place a lot of value on.

    What would you say up to now in your life has been your most "prized" accomplishment? Definition of "prized" is not what others value but you in your own heart see as your biggest accomplishments in your personal life and in your career life?
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    I am most proud to be an American. There's a lot of answers on here about lifestyle and accomplishments, and I have those too, but most of all I am proud to live in the land of opportunity with a rich history in which to be proud. Now if we could just quit embarrassing ourselves globally by discussing the private affairs of our leaders. It makes us look so stupid as a nation. The unveiling of that privacy is the down fall of a 2 party system.
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    I am very proud of myself and always follow my instincts.The best investment I made in my life is me.Fighting with elements ,several years, I found a way to become comfortable with my limits first and with the people around me .
    Presently my life is about clean energy, solar electrical systems in particular. This is one of the most amazing chapter , who involves a lots of components starting with passion and ending with the electrical freedom I can generate to my fellows.And is GREAT FEELING to know that with every solar system installed , one step is made to clean our Earth from toxic elements , to gain the independence of our country from foreign resources ( oil in particular), and to made people happy about saving money for themselfs....
    ..and YES, I am proud of what i am doing! Join us. Plug into Freedom.

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    ¿¿ ¿¿¿ Finding God, having a relationship with him, never giving up after being

    ¿¿¿¿¿¿ laid off from so many jobs due to depression, my job that I love,

    ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿my determination, self growth and perserverance, ability to lead, guide

    ¿¿¿¿¿¿ and help others.



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    my integrity.
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    My sense of humor, my ability to talk and/or deal with people of all walks of life, my ethics, my honesty and honor...

    Oh and my roses...
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    i am most proud of myself who am i am and my breast*
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    RakheeRoy write:
    I am most proud of me to be living in an extremely abusive home, to have four mental illness's, to be abused on an Outward Bound Course, to attend a mental health day program after 2 years of walking around with bipolar not treated and finding the center through appointment, to be living with a abusive mother, father and brother, to have no friends since kindergarden all the way up too 12 grade, to have miserable abusive self destrcutive childhood and adolosence,to drop out of college due too illness and abuse aback in 99', too start my life all over in 2004 at Vantage Mental Health Center not that I like being with all those people in there but im' getting what I need, at 26 years of age is something to be damn outright proud of I stuck though it all and made it thorugh....I'm doing better and will do dynamically better that most people in this world because of how much I know and choose to act on. In time I will get where I need to be.. for now its test of chance I never got a chance to focus on becoming financially independant because of my illnesses and becauseI have a nasty mother who keep taking advantage of me and my disability's which pull me away from making my goals happen so in time i will overcome this by help of my inner strength and abilty to ask for help when I need like getting someone to give a place to stay in case my mother falls to pieces and my brother leaves i cannot stay without and income so if someone would be patient I ca start paying them back in cash with help of seperate line and computer to do an at home job....this is of course if this happens....Rakhee

    Rakhee i admire your strength u just keep on keepin on girl
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    I can't even imagine the he*ll of a life you have lived and seem to be getting out of.

    I was a dirt dog poor, poverty stricken boy but I was in a loving household. I never felt abused. I loved my family and I am sure they loved me.

    I can't give you enough congratulations on your accomplishments and wish you all the best of everything in life. You will achieve them.
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    I feel the same way Sharp1. I was alone in my marriage for 15 years in doing everything and basically raising the children on my own. Technically, I am still doing this as their father does not spend much time with them 1 to 3 hours a week by his choice. Sad isn't it. My children are 13 girl and 9 boy. I work hard at trying to raise caring, energetic, proud well grounded children who can face their problems and make great decisions along the way in their journey. A smart person said to me once that once we give birth, we only have the power to influence our children as they grow...I am a firm believer in this.

    In my work life I feel most proud that through my ex husbands travel/moves, I have always been able to adapt to my employment situation, learn from what experiences transpired at that location and to continue to build on what knowledge I currently have.

    I am also proud of who I am today because that is the key to self worth and I don't mean in $$$$
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