How about some female opinions on winks/views Romance

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    Sharp, that's hilarious. Would you say that's the new "man's best friend?"
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    Tomi .... old? Revolting? Uh..............I don't think so.
    BuffaloGrl. it's interesting you mention that point! I'm old-fashioned too and don't like asking men out on dates. It reverses the "man chases, girl runs until she catches him" concelt. I might wink online, but I feel dumb doing it. It's too ... forward. For me.
    My daughter and I were talking about girls asking guys out first. She said she used to think it was dumb that older people (namely senior citizens over 30) ... considered it improper for a woman to ask a man out. Then, she said, the guys she asked out were so scared about being asked that they lost their voices and trembled and made some excuse for not going and then took off!
    So now, she always waits for a guy to ask first (I TOLD her so) but she still didn't understand my view against friends with benefits.
    She said some guys just want to "hang out" but don't want to get too serious, and some girls don't want to get all serious and become GF/BF either. I had to laugh out loud at that one. She hit me for it!
    I asked her, "How can you be too old-fashioned to ask a guy out, but you think being a friend with benefits is alright?"
    She said, "Motttttthhhherrrrr, it's the 21st century!"
    I laughed and said, "Yeah! And these new millennium guys are getting smarter! They know a good thing when one of them invents it!"
    I told her turbo-charged libido boys created the concept of FWB for many reasons:
    - To get sex,
    - To get laid and NOT have to go "out" with anyone in particular.
    - To find a girl who will bring beer to his place so they can have sex and not be thirsty,
    - To be uncommitted to any one special girl so that the field may lay open for any other chicks who will go to his room with beer and will have sex.
    And I asked: "What do girls get out of being friends with benefits?"
    She thought for a while and then said, "If a girl wants a friend but d...
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    I've noticed the same thing, TomiGirl, I like emailing people whose profile I've enjoyed reading because of its originality... and I'd say that 95% of the time, I don't even get a thank you. I figure they say most of the time: "She's too far away, why bother..."
    On the other hand, I always take the time to answer every email I get, it's the polite thing to do, takes 30 seconds per email, that's it... and I'd say that 95% of the time, I get replies back thanking me profusely for replying even if the answer was a polite "no thank you"... because like all of them say... no one cares to take the time...
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    It's all about etiquette. Online dating and social networking is a new technology in which the rules have yet to be established. There are so many posts of upset people who emotionally tie themselves to people they don't even know, who have just viewed their profile.

    Just because you click on my profile, does not mean we are interested. There are multiple links on MM to get to a persons profile... Were you just reading a topic in the forum and clicked on a profile to learn more about the person who posted a relevant rebuttal? Or, were you just looking at who is in the chat room, and by clicking on the profile icon, you now officially appear in the 'who has viewed my profile page'. In the chat room you only know (age, location, gender, and username) The only way to find out more about a person is to check out their profile.

    I dont believe in winks. I accidentally winked at people not meaning to, its a small link and too easy to do. It's impersonal and its just as easy to email a person a short message. Ask yourself this question (How romantic is it to click on a link to communicate for the first time with someone?) Email is the closest thing to writing a letter.. Everyone knows a love letter is one of the most romantic things a girl can get. How many of you girls still have past love letters saved in a special place...My advice in a nutshell is 1. Send emails, 2. Post comments, 3. Don't Wink.
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    No ..... I don't think of anyone being perverted Champ, but I must admit, the members of this one and only site are an enigma. It's difficult to figure what they're thinking.
    I love winks. I wink back. I love it when someone puts me in their favourites file but as an unpaid member, I can't check to see who has highlighted me. But I can dream. lol
    You're very right, the first thing I do when I log on is check how many people viewed my profile and if anybody new chose me for their F-File. Then I answer emails and then head for the forums to read what people had to say recently.
    You've got a really hot "Vin Diesel" look going on, Champ!
    Just an observation: another poster, RichieRich asked a question about why he wasn't getting any bites and when I read your profile, I got another idea. I read you were interested in a "long range relationship or marriage," I felt a little red flag go up in my head for a second. Nothing big, just a thought that if I responded to a member who was looking for marriage, and we met ... his expectations may be a little more serious than my cautious, take it slow approach to dating. Just a thought.

    So all those who have put me in their favourites file, send me a note! Or say hi on the forum here! If nothing else, I'm fun to e-chat with. But I must warn you .... sometimes I might forget to email you back because I'm a bit unorganized. Don't take offense. I'm a wild and eccentric artist.

    So ... let those winks and emails fly!!!!
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