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    hi im just brand new to this website... giving my my hellos to all the men and women here. Lots of attractive women here... obviously the goodlooking ones benefit from this sit...sorry to be honest.

    I know money is important... i think im just trying this out of curiosity...but really i need to find a man who is successful but not arrogant or full of himself... money isnt everything..but its nice.

    wish there were more young ottawa singles here though. *sigh*

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  • View author's info Posted on Dec 04, 2005 at 10:59 AM

    HA Bob! Too funny! Next year when I'm shopping for a new vehicle, I'm going to try it out at the BMW dealership here! lol

    To the lady who asked the question. When you have money you can surround yourself with alot of beautiful things that give you pleasure and comfort. But money can not buy love. That is a huge void that only another person can fill, & if not the right person, will only be half filled.

    At 20 yrs, you should be concentrating on a career that will bring you in a good income to provide yourself with a comfortable lifestyle. At your age, that in itself will bring you into a realm of successfully aspiring young professional men.

    Introspection may be a good thing for you to learn where your strengths & interests lie.
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 04, 2005 at 10:15 AM

    That old saying is a myth. Money certainly does buy happiness. Everytime I buy something nice I smile. It makes me happy. What money doesn't buy you is love. Let's make that distinction. There are also two types of money. New money and Old money. And New money has some mutations to be aware new money (lottery, professional sports, inherritance) vs slow new money. Slow new money comes in a few forms too. Those that hung on to the coat tails of a corporation, and those who wore the coat...the creators. All come with their twists and curves.

    Can you imagine shopping - or eating out - and you don't even care what the bill is. When you go into a Walmart and could come out with the whole store in your cart and not even flinch at the checkout. Here's what's interesting...and fun...My attitude is, I don't care what the bill is just get the job done because whatever the bill is will be insignificant when I accomplish what I'm trying to accomplish.

    Here's a great story. I walked into a BMW dealership and they had just wheeled in a brand new first model year car of a seven series into their show room. I sat in the car, decided I wanted it and I was fortunate enough to have the sales manager serving me. So I said to him, how good is your service? The manager said, oh sir, this is BMW, our service is the best you can imagine. I said, so what you are telling me is that if I said I would take this car only if I could pick it up in three hours from now your service is so good that you could make that happen. The manager said, of course sir. I negotiated a price and then made the deal. Of course, the manager tried desperately to get out of giving me the car so quickly, but I wouldn't back down. Three hours later I came back and picked up my car that most dealers would want two days to prep for.
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    Is money everything?,,Ask Michael Jackson, martha Stewart, Robert Downey Jr,etc......
    Money is what you make of it. Does not buy you happiness..but can make you happier..In some cases!!

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  • View author's info Posted on Dec 04, 2005 at 03:35 AM

    Not that I subscribe o this view, but someone once said "money isn't everything... its the only thing"
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