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    Hi, I'm a single mom.  I am having a problem with dating because of it!  Just an hour ago I was having a chat with a guy who seemed really nice until he said "oh, you already have a kid... sorry I'm not interested."  What a douche.  Oh well, not all men are like that but I need to know where to look to find men who are not!!
    I am young (22 years old) and my son is 5!  We are so happy, except I'm kinda lonely.  I barely look like I've had a child, and I am a lot of fun.  I live a healthy lifestyle, and I'm mature.  Men seem to be looking for that, but they rule me out because I have a small family member... Their loss!
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    I can see the disappointment of hearing an early 20ish have a kid. That doesn't necessarily register in the mind of a man in his early 20s nor in the mind of an older man who's trying to live out his fantasy of dating a much younger woman. Your age is viewed as youthful, carefree, full of energy, having that spark before life changes your views, innocent, freedom to travel at any moment, late night booty calls, etc. A child sort of ruins the fantasy that some guys have about dating a young woman.
    It's always best to make that one of the first things that you disclose after making communication. If he can't accept that you have a kid, then it's nothing lost. Your kid comes first. Men may come and go, but your child will always be your child. Don't let douches get you down or distract your ultimate goal which is to find a man who will appreciate you as a woman and mother.
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    There are guys who don't have issues with children.  In fact, I look for women who have had kids because it shows they are other centered.  If somebody rejects you because of your child... screw them.  They are not deserving of you and your child deserve better as well.
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