Can cats and dogs be friends? Pets

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    This girl I liked told me she couldn’t spend time with me because she wanted to hang out with her dog.  Beat out by a damn dog!  And then she said, “I just LUVVV him so mUCCCHH!”.  I wanted to be the one she loved so much.  I hope her and the dog are happy. Just what IS up with woman and their dogs?  She says, "Dogs are people too you know".  Yeah?  Not the good people.  It's not a reward to get reincarnated as a dog, I say.


    Someone pointed out that I can’t blame all dogs for the actions of one dog.  They are right, so dogs get a second chance.  Two rules.  No little ankle biting yipe yipe dogs and no talking baby talk to the dog.



    Don’t you like cats?  We were cat people at my house.  I don't care what they say, you are in one camp or the other.  What's it gonna be, cats or dog? Don't give me that, "I like both".  I'll buy that you don't like either, but no liking both.  Because if you throw a stick, and the dog will go get it.  The cat will just look at you, and you can feel him thinking, “What, you think I’m a moron?  Your private little stick fetcher?   Puhleeeeaazze.  Yawn.” 


    Smart cat.  Besides, you can't play cat-ball with a dog.  You know, like soccer.  But with a cat!  It's OK, I can tell you first hand that they always land on their feet and the game gets progressively harder to play.  I'm kidding.  Sort of.


    Did I tell about the time my long haired feline friend was shedding all over my room.  So I gave her a haircut.  With scissors.  Ooops!  I swear my dear cat thought she was being punished and walked with her head down for weeks!  She was actually EMBARRASSED.  We made friends again though.  Just in time for KITTY SPINS!  Hey, where'd that cat go.


    My best friend Sojo (Blue Heller/Pointer mix) died of oral cancer at 6 in Feb 2014.

    Echo (Akita) is my other dog.

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    My grandmother has cats and dogs and they get along fine. Most of the time they each mind their own business, any interaction amongst them is initiated by the dogs the older cats usually ignore them though the younger cats are more excitable. 

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    Always owned both cats and dogs. Sometimes it took quite a while and some restraining.

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    Yes. I have both and it´s no problem.

    The trick is to introduse them inside and not let the dog shase the cat in any surcumstases. Then they need some time....
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