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    This is a first for me writing on a Forum.  I've been reading a lot of complaints and I don't understand. Most of the men I've either met or talked to are who the claim to be.  I also have decided not to stray from the truth i.e. embracing every one of my 57 years and pictures that are current.  This is just another way to meet and qualify a possible partner.  I wish everyone luck. Pat

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    i have an array of photos from my young age up to now to show that i am a real person and did not copy the photo from somewhere else. i am 60 and i am proud to reach this age. i am also new here. so many men, young and old, have contacted me already. some are in their 30's. what do you think they want from me? motherly or sisterly advice? i'm eyeing on someone and he seems not to notice me yet.

  • View author's info Posted on Oct 08, 2013 at 02:31 PM

    Perhaps you've been fortunate and that's why you don't understand, many of us have not been that lucky. You may be alone in that aspect but you're not in terms of telling the truth and embracing your years ... my pictures are taken within the last couple of months. Honesty is always the best policy an those that seek to mislead others only succeed in fooling themselves. 

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