Maybe I'm asking for too say - manners? Romance

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    I have been on this site for about three days. Although there have been over a hundred men who have looked at my file, only four have responded, including IMs. Is every one just very rude, or is it me? I mean muggers in New York at least speak , lol. Just wondering...
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    I've said it on other threads... some people say they just don't have time to answer their emails. Well, I answer each and every one of my emails, and 95% of the time, they reply back thanking me profusely for replying even if it wasn't the answer they wanted. It takes no more than 30 seconds per email... Like they say: it's the busiest people who always find the time...

    It's called being considerate and courteous, and if someone doesn't reply, it just tells you that much more about that person...
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    Thank you everyone, and srt10, I think you may have something with the "we respond to e-mail club", lol. Don't worry Katie, I thank you for the advise and your LACK of rudeness. Believe me, I don't take it personally. God help anyone who does - they would be in a mental institution thinking they were a glass of orange juice! I feel for them, but not too much. srt10, I think you're right, but there are some real people out there. Funny they call pigs "horizontal man" because of the similarity in anotomy. Give a new meaning to not throwing pearls before swine, heh? (man a in mankind, not bashing). Glad I met you all.
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    BBaby - do not take it personally. It has been said by almost every member here that this is toe oddest site. The percentage of eye candy, both male and female, is really high, new members get many views, but very few receive winks OR email. I confuses every new person who comes to MM. They look ... but they don't make a move!
    It's nothing personal. Just remember .... perserverance!
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