How do you define wealthy? Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    Just curious how you define it. Is it defined by a minimum dollar amount and if so what is that amount and where does it come from? Do you base it from the net worth on a financial statement? Why would anyone disclose their confidential financial information on a website? Your thoughts would be appreciated and informative.
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    One simple way I define it is that I haven't monitored my check book ledger for 20 years. Not that I'm limitless in my wealthy, but rather that I always have enough money in my account to cover whatever.
    Last month a crud wrote a $10,000 fraudulent check after stealing my checkbook. Fortunately, he was stupid enough to write a fraud check at the same bank where I have my account!
    Money has no value to the person ailing in health in a hospital; however, other than that, it buys time, the most precious of commodities, other than, or course, love and care.

    Hello St Paul guy, I grew up in Stillwater! ;-)

    Wealth. By a time a man is in his 50's (my dating pool, as I prefer older men), he should have something to show for himself: A lifetime of good decisions that translates to financial and emotional security. By 50 a man should have a job that earns just as much as mine, a decent home, a vehicle that runs, medical insurance and a nest egg for emergencies.

    Above that, one man doesn't get extra "points" for being more wealthy than another . . . I just have a minimum standard and that's that.

    Nothing wrong with that minimum standard...I look for same.

    There go two of my dream ladies right out the window.
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